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Blockchain based. Virtual Experience.
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Jul, 2018
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Mar, 2018
Mar, 2018
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Angelium: A Blockchain based, Virtual Reality (VR) platform.

Developed with Brett Hartshorn, 3D artist from the movie “MATRIX”, which used 3D technology known as VR world, we established our own Blockchain platform based on the unique algorithm of “Proof of Rendering” and “Proof of Streaming”. Through this technology, we were able to deliver a quantum jump in the speed of rendering for 3DCG and which generated the ability to create large VR spaces efficiently.

The Angelium Blockchain solution solves the issue of “wasted energy” by harnassing the mining hash power for rendering and streaming that generate the 3DCG VR World.

Angelium VR will allow you to connect to its VR World through a blockchain wallet-based application. Users will enjoy gaming, fashion, shopping, educational, music and various other forms of entertainment.

The creation of human-realistic avatars in the Angelium VR World is one of the crown achievements of this project. Realistic avatars have huge business potential in various market sectors.

Angelium has signed agreements to integrate hardware rentals, gaming and internet café locations and currently enjoys 50,000,000+ users who enjoy 30,000+ different types of content in VR.

Angelium creates the next level entertainment platform and no border new world as a pioneer for a new market.
The Angelium platform is the pioneer of next-generation entertainment platforms, with no borders inside of a new world.

The Angelium platform is the future in realizing one’s sexual fantasies in the virtual world. Built on Blockchain technology, Angelium wallet will give direct access to unlimited content in our virtual “Angelium” world, enabling users to chat and date our “Angels”. This cuting edge technology which hybridizes 3D visual rendering and steaming will advance the porn industry, and allow the users to get closer to their favorite sexy Stars.


Meet the future of 3DCG. Proof of Rendering.  Mining never be the same as before. Many people doubt the efficiency of mining since it requires huge fossil fuel energy to power the computing. ANGELIUM’s structure allows removing the waste by using the unnecessary power for 3D world’s rendering.   Virtual world platform.  Welcome to the future. Where your can find a new life with your perfect avatar. Communicate with others, friend, idol, teacher, lover. World first 3DCG based blockchain technology generate the world without boundaries.   Virtual fashion Seeing is Believing.

Our models or your own avatar wears your choice in virtual space it will be delivered to you in real world.

Virtual love  Fulfill your dream. You can now communicate your virtual lover He / She will learn about know and become the best partner in your virtual experience. Virtual School

Now everyone can learn. Virtual teacher with your favorite look can give your the any class you need. anytime. anywhere.

Virtual Artist     Your idols. Right next to you. With the unique set of technology the virtual idols are made based on actual him / herself to communicate with you.


  • Q1 2018

  • Start Development of core technology. Blockchain alpha version development completed. 3D virtual test operation
  • Q2 2018

  • Development team organization. Started designing original 3D scan studio. Started 3D avatar production. EC function development started
  • Q3 2018

  • Started original 3D scan studio operation. Al trial operation started. Basic function development completed.
  • Q4 2018

  • Initial mining. Wallet v.1.0 release.
  • Read More
  • Q1 2019

  • Wallet v.2.0 (3DVR). Proof of Rendering / Streaming started
  • Q2 2019

  • Wallet v.3.0 (A.I. extension)


1 976
30 Days Growth:


Verified 73%

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Rio Takeshi Kubo
CEO / Founder
Kohei Tokumasu
Chief Operating Officer
Shiiho Furukawa
Art Director
Erie Morino
Intl. PR, artist & tour management
Taro Kobayashi
Blockchain Engineer / Mathematician
Shuying Wang
Chinese Representative
Katsuhiro Kataoka
Chief Content Officer / Co-Founder
Brett Hartshorn
Chief Technology Officer /Co- Founder
Tomoki Taki
Chief Content Officer


$1 985 480

Kevin Chang
Chief Marketing Officer
Naoki Sannone
Marketing Director
5.0 10
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