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At the Ambrosus project we aim to radically improve the global supply chains by creating a trusted ecosystem where we can reliably record the entire history of products and execute commercial transactions accordingly. We seek to enable a more secure and autonomous supply chain, improve distribution processes and allow consumers to easily see where their products come from and what is really in them.
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Sep 12, 2017
Oct 12, 2017
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About Ambrosus

Food & Medicine are life-essential products, but because of the way today's global supply chains are run, most of us do not know what we are really getting when we consume food or use medicine.

At the Ambrosus project we aim to radically improve the global supply chains by creating a trusted ecosystem where we can reliably record the entire history of products and execute commercial transactions accordingly.

We seek to enable a more secure and autonomous supply chain, improve distribution processes and allow consumers to easily see where their products come from and what is really in them.

We invite you to learn more, and to stay tuned as we provide more information over the next few months.

Ambrosus Ecosystem

  • Supply Chain 2.0
    intelligent governance of supply chains with full control of processes, quality and tracing
  • Data Transformation
    sensors generate valuable data about goods and shipments that can be monetised
  • Direct Deals
    commodities exchange platform and decentralised marketplaces open new paths to commerce
  • Distributed Versatility
    from nanosensors to supercomputers, all devices interoperate with no central node


- Ethereum Implementation Built; Multi-Chain Impelementation in Development
- Marketplace powered by Smart Contracts Built
- Sensors Prototypes tested
- Several Use Cases and Pilots Performed (Olive Oil, Cheese, Baby Food, Seafood)
- Support from United Nations, EIT Food Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and more (Ambrosus is Official Partner to UN Sustainable Food Progamme)
- Financing from the Swiss Government (Department of Economic Promotion, Canton of Vaud, Switzerland)

Technical Info

Technical details:  Technical publications can be found here: Initial implementation on Ethereum Protocol + IPFS; Further implementation will be done with multi-chain solutions Smart contracts are the core of ambrosus protocol. The system of contracts is written in Solidity and compiled to EVM (Etherem Virtual Machine). Contracts are combined together to co-operate and create services around food supply chain. They are abstract building blocks for different applications. There are some basic abstractions in the protocol, including: Measurements - a contract abstraction used to store measurements - a basic unit of a history of an item in supply chain Requirements - a basic way to describe expectations about food in supply chain Validator - a way to check if given food history (list of measurements) meets specific validation rules (e.g. meet requirements) Agreement - represents agreement between Parties, with specific rules considering food in supply chain In a top of those abstractions are build implementations for specific use cases. They are more concrete building blocks. Examples are: MeasurementsOnChain - allows measurements devices to store measurements on the Ethereum blockchain, note: this might very inefficient and therefore one should for production purposes use the following contract. MeasurementsOffChain - allows measurements devices to store measurements off the blockchain, in this case on the IPFS. Measurements can be later verified using this contract on their origin (e.g. if they come from authorized devices) and completeness (if any thing is missing) Range requirements - allow expressing expectations in future or past measurements In the top of that we build more complete solutions per use case e.g.: Market - a marketplace for buying and selling food. Suppliers can create profiles using their Ethereum wallets. Buyer can sellers can make agreements directly on the market. DeliveryAgreement - allows parties to make a delivery agreement in the form of contract on Ethereum. Agreement uses building blocks like Requirements to define the quality standard of food agreed upon. Measurements to store information delivered by measurement devices along the way. The agreement can use escrow, so the money for the supplier is automatically released if all conditions from the agreement are met. On the other hand, the buyer can reimburse if delivered food did not meet quality standard agreed upon. The source code:  Public code: Private code can be shared with interested parties separately/ Proof of developer:  Public team

Ambrosus Roadmap

  • September-October 2017

  • Token Generation Event
  • October 2017

  • Release of Alpha-version of Supply Chain Management Protocol; Release of Proof-of-Concept for sensing system, edge and central gateways.
  • November 2017

  • Release of Alpha-version of the quality-driven decentralised marketplace for food and commodities. Final architecture and development of customized data center and tailor-made API. Selection and testing of encryption methods.
  • December 2017

  • Release of an Alpha-version of decentralised commodities trading platform; Initiation of 5 R&D programs.
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  • January 2018

  • Opening of a Center of Excellence in Lausanne for quality assessment of goods: analytics, sensing, monitoring, digitalization, tracking, tagging and tracing within supply chains.Launch of a dedicated Digital Commodity Quality Research Lab for hardware development. Set-up of a Research Node for supply chain management platform to enhance the level of digitalization and automatization in supply chains.Identifying key stakeholders to interact with.
  • February 2018

  • Launch of Alpha-version of large-scale decentralised storage solution for supply chain sensors. Manufacturing and testing of the gateways. Validation of the data center and test of data analytic modules.
  • March 2018

  • Launch of a public Beta version of marketplace, exchange platform and product checker software integrated into Ethereum blockchain. Release of a full suite of APIs for legacy sensors and IoT. Launch of developer tools suite. Development of oracelized modules for inter-operability of API with SAP and Gs1 software. Release of first-generation food tracers.
  • April 2018

  • Launch of digital cooperative software for Ambrosus protocol, allowing farmers and food producers to create blockchain-entities for direct sale and pool financial resources.
  • May 2018

  • Launch of matchmaking platform to connect buy/sell agreements to logistics companies executing the orders.
  • June 2018

  • Release of the first generation sensor systems for Ambrosus (sensors, tags and tracers) combined with self-healing (mesh) network functionality. Launch of a catalogue on IoT sensors, analytical devices, non-invasive/on-site stationary and mobile sensing systems, peripherals (smart printers and other systems) inter-operating with Ambrosus technology.
  • Summer 2018

  • Accreditation of the lab and validation of the sensing systems.Release of Proof of Concept and prototypes of biosensors and smart packaging with tamper proof solutions having exclusive Ambrosus compatibility.
  • Autumn 2018

  • Launch of corporate solutions and enterprise software solutions. Launch of fully-functional main network with full integration of storage and wallets. Release of framework with multi-chain operability of Ambrosus, allowing it to operate with Bitcoin, Ripple and Hyperledger blockchains. Release of second-generation food tags and tracers. Early incorporation of AI into sensors. Launch of alpha-version biosensors, testing and validation.Opening of the USA and Asia Hubs for Operations.
  • Winter 2018

  • Launch of working group on blockchain-based norms & standards for supply chains of food, pharmaceuticals and commodities.Launch of farmer outreach initiatives with the following financing options: Farmers’ fund; Launch of supporting services for food producers to board marketplace directly.First review on the Center of Excellence. Re-alignment and future perspective; Organizing audits every 6 months.
  • Spring 2019

  • Launch of Smart sensor systems having edge computing capabilities — first generation (sensors that retain artificial intelligence capacity without being connected, i.e. making decisions at the edge); integration of sidechains / offchain transactions; Full interoperability with multiple blockchains
  • Spring 2019

  • Launch of the first Generation of Nanosensors and Biosensors; Smart Packaging; Launch of Amber-compatible hardware solutions.
  • Summer 2019

  • Release of Ambrosus Protocol 2.0, with updated functionality vis-à-vis artificial intelligence technology and IoT devices.
  • Autumn 2019

  • Release of Second Generation sensors that are fully integrated into smart-packaging; Complete digitalization of products. Validation with Ambrosus Protocol 2.0.
  • Winter 2019

  • Release of exchange platform with full trading platform functionalities (obtaining the necessary licensing and permissions from authorities), facilitating the launch of a full-fledged decentralised exchange and cryptocurrency trading platform.
  • Spring 2020

  • Release of the first large-scale fully-automated supply chain solution, governed by Decentralised Autonomous Organisation, sensor systems and artificial intelligence. Full Quality Control and Management of financial and commercial relationships between different parties, including payment settlement mechanisms.
  • Summer-Autumn 2020

  • Scaling-Up of the platform, integration in various industries, including Food, Natural Resources and Medical Products. Autonomous, intelligent, self-governing supply chains.


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Angel Versetti
Dr Stefan Meyer
Matthew Roberts
Lead Blockchain Developer
Konrad Szalwinski
Lead Frontend Developer
Prof Jean-Paul Sando...
Lead Engineer
Marek Kirejczyk
Lead Blockchain Developer
Prof Esther Amstad
Head of Science
Katerina Ianishevska
Community Manager


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Dhanesh Kothari


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Dr Vlad Trifa
Technical Advisor (Hardware)


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Oliver Bussmann
Strategic Advisor
Prof Malcolm J W Pov...
Scientific Advisor (Food Reassurance)


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Jehan Chu
Strategic Advisor


$82 004 155

Jaron Lukasiewicz
Strategic Advisor
Dr Fabiola Dionisi
Scientific Advisor (Quality Control)
Prof Sandro Carrara
Scientific Advisor (Biosensors)

10 ICOs

$88 277 157

David Wachsman
Public Relations Advisor
Tom Lyons
Communications Advisor

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David Drake
Strategic Advisor

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Ambrosus Reviews
News, reviews

The project has an above-average team and all-star advisors, which would legitimize the project even when the company is publicly launched only three months ago.
Presale has raised around CHF 30 million already.
New regulations or more stringent requirements around the distribution of specialty goods, such as medicinal products could increase demand for supply chain QA. For example, a recent change under the EU regulation, Good Distribution Practice of Medicinal Products for Human Use, requires companies to report any deviations to the distributor and the recipient of the affected medicinal products

Food sensor and tracking is very common and lots of companies are doing it already. Ambrosus faces stiff competition in the traditional space, such as GlobeRanger, Oceansoft, and Blue Maestro, as well as in the blockchain space from Modum.
The project is only launched for three months old based on the Linkedin profiles of the CEO and CTO. We feel like this project receives the attention it has solely because of Gavin Wood and other advisors. We don’t even see a picture of the hardware – the component that is essential to the Ambrosus platform.
We believe Ambrosus is an average business idea, one that is difficult for the company to gain a substantial competitive advantage over other competitors and gobble up market share.
Seems like the only advantage Ambrosus has over existing competitors is that data on the Ambrosus platform is incorruptible and tamperproof. However, is it really needed? We don’t believe so.
Moreover, Ambrosus is creating its own blockchain. We would question the security of it because there won’t be much decentralization of nodes as there’s no incentive for independent parties to validate the transactions on the Ambrosus blockchain.
Food contamination is not a very big problem that we are facing. Here is a list of major foodborne illness outbreaks. As you can see, they happen rather infrequently.

Overall, we are neutral on the ICO’s short-term potential and dislike its long-term potential.
This project is hyped because of its advisors. All-star advisors are great for an ICO only if the project makes sense. A company that was launched three months ago raising CHF100 million to create food sensors and a related blockchain doesn’t make much sense to us. Without business fundamentals, all the advisors in the world would not help the project.
Our thoughts of the tokens for short term and long term are as follows:
For short-term holding:
Neutral. The team of advisors really bring the awareness up. However, the hard cap of CHF 100 million is exceptionally high, especially if you consider the company is publicly launched only three months ago. The two token ICOs raising over $100 million, Bancor and Status, are both delivering negative return so far.
In addition, with Modum and Ambrosus’ ICO being so close together, many investors would compare the market cap of each ($23 million for Modum and CHF 250 million for Ambrosus on a fully diluted basis if hard caps are reached). Doing so would make Ambrosus’ valuation seem that much more expensive.
For long-term holding:
Bad. As mentioned above, we don’t believe a blockchain solution is really necessary in the food safety supply chain space. Therefore, the chance of Ambrosus being a success is low.

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