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Alicoin Cash global cryptocurrency ecosystem that doesn’t rely on banks or financial institutions. The use of cryptocurrency is hard now. In order to use the available coins, they have to be reserved from exchanges, wallets, to pay commissions. Alicoin Money platform is designed to facilitate the life of coin holders. The second direction is the provision of services within the framework of the Alicoin Cash platform. Many are familiar with freelance sites, such as Upwork, Freelancer, Weblancer. These websites unite customers and performers around the earth. Alicoin Money is a unique free intellectual investment system with full decentralization of smart contracts based on blockchain technology. Based on the analysis of the work of thousands of traders around the world and their own trading and investment knowledge, the Alicoin Money platform will select the most reasonable and liquid trades, autonomously forming an investment portfolio that will satisfy the requirements of any investor. It is also worth noting the entire command of investors over their funds within the Alicoin Cash platform. A wide scope of settings will be provided, which will allow everyone to select the appropriate mode of function of the robot. The user can withdraw his funds at any period. In addition, for any violation or exit of the robot beyond the established limits, all labour with the account stops, a notification is sent to the user, the user can decide what to do next - continue work or withdraw funds, it is possible to make changes in the settings of his account.
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Jun 14, 2018
Jul 14, 2018
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Mar 31, 2018
Apr 25, 2018
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About Alicoin Cash

For any operations within the Alicoin Cash platform, a special token will be used. Its name is ALC. It will comply with the ERC20 standard. It can be bought during ICO. After ICO, it can be bought from other users or within the platform.

The moment of purchase/exchange will be realized as simply as possible. In addition, any cryptocurrency will be easily converted into this token at the exchange rate. After all, the team wants to provide the customers with maximum comfort and speed of operations.

What is more, in the future, the team plans to issue its own debit card.
It means that the customers can pay with their Alicoins in any country of the world, without additional restrictions, transfers, conversions, and commissions. Moreover, any user of the platform can withdraw all funds in a very short time, in any type of asset.

The only thing in the investment direction of the platform is that users will lose percentages that have been accrued for the period of use if they want to withdraw funds before the agreed time (returns initial capital in full only).


- Earn profit with trading
- Earn profit with trading
- Earn bonus from referrals

Alicoin Cash Roadmap

  • Q1 2018

  • Preparation of the legal framework for investment.
    Selection of suitable trading strategy.
    Selection of suitable brokers and exchanges.
  • Q2 2018

  • Preparation of the legal framework
    for the delivery of goods.
    The beginning of the creation
    of a trading platform for the Alicoin platform.
    Preparation of the legal framework
    for services.
    Start of the creation of a platform for services for the Alicoin platform.
    Implementing Smart Contracts.
    Testing and optimization of the trading system.
    Creating a trading robot for the Alicoin platform.
    Start creating a free intellectual investment system Alicoin.
    The addition of neural networks for self-learning robots.
    The addition of opportunities to inform investors.
    Optimizing the platform.
  • Q3 2018

  • Connecting Shops.
    Optimizing the platform.
    Testing the platform.
    The implementation of the incentive
    Full Alicoin platform entry.
    Full-featured release of the free intellectual investment system Alicoin.
  • Q4 2018

  • Alicoin platform entry.
    The addition of Local Stores.
    Implementation of an assistant for large proj- ects. Additional control over employees.
    Adding an algorithm that will allow you
    to pay for work depending on the time.
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  • Q1 2019

  • Opportunity to open your stores within the platform Provision of di erent delivery services (for example,
    delivery of pizza/food or paying a taxi).


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Alicoin Cash Team

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Thomas Bruggen
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Alyse Šeděnka
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Andrew Lee
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Olivia Ulieru
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Mark Timmo
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Chris Jensen
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Alicoin Cash Reviews

The situation with Alicoin project is not clear. An announcement on social media platforms from April 5-7 states that the team decided to freeze token pre-sale and ICO, while website shows new ICO dates (15.06-31.08.2018). The WP and project presentations should be completed and compiled into a comprehensive document.

Weaknesses: there are no financial plan and competitor analysis. The WP is very short and is missing some key elements (like market research, team members profiles), according to analysts from Expert-Coin Rating. There are no links to LinkedIn profiles of team members, no advisors mentioned. There is no FAQ section on a website.

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If this is the type of investment you are looking to make then be aware that the do have a KYC requirement however they are not whitelisting clients, and as such whenever you do wish to make a purchase of their tokens you will be able to do so with relative each and peace of mind of course.

The time scale at which they are going to be going live with their ICO is listed up above and as such you do have a fair amount of time in which to stake your claim for their tokens, but the sooner you do so the sooner you will have secured them.

The business concept does look a sound one and one that does have plenty of merit, and if it is actively taken up by those people who are interested in their offerings and services then there is a long-term appeal to their project too, which is what often makes or breaks any ICO.

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The platform is designed to offer a token that can be used to buy product at bigger websites like Amazon, Sony, and H&M just to name a few. Along with purchasing power, the platform also has opportunities with staking and investing. If you’re a frequent online shopper, then Alicoin may be the perfect platform for you to get involved with.

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