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Algorand ASA Staking Set up staking for customers who hold your coin and incentivize them to hold your Algorand ASA over the long term. Staking/ liquid farming app for the Algorand blockchain.
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Token Details
Token Distribution
250 million coins reserved for liquidity pools, starting with 75 million in Tinyman
250 million for the team(over min of 5 year period)
200 million coins reserved for staking rewards for our coin holders who stake
100 million for expenses - transaction fees, website ...
50 million coins reserved for liquidity pool provider rewards
50 million coins for marketing
50 million coins for promotions and give aways
50 million coins reserved for supporters
Additional Details

About AlgoStake

AlgoStake ASA(Algorand Standard Asset) #511484048 is a token built on the Algorand blockchain. AlgoStake owns an application which allows the owners of any Algorand ASA's to setup staking at a particular APY for their coin/token holders.  Our mission is to provide an easy self set up system for Algorand ASA owners.  Every ASA owner should be able to offer this feature not just a select few.  This feature will help people hodl their coin for future growth.  Along with our automated application for paying an holders of your coin we also plan to offer automated rewards for liquidity pool providers.  Both of these features are an automated service which is greatly needed in the Algorand ASA ecosystem.   AlgoStake will be used as the payment for these two services.  To set up staking for your coin you will supply both your token and AlgoStake to our escrow wallet through our interface.  We truly hope this gives the small coin owner help in expanding their ASAs.  In addition AlgoStake will use it's own platform to offer an APY to is holders.


To enable other ASA coin owners on Algorand the ability to provide staking and liquidity ownership rewards to grow their communities.


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