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About Agro Global

What is Agro Token?

  • Agro Token is non mintable and non burnable security token created by Agro Global Group.
  • 95 billion of AGRO token represents 19% shares of the AGRO Global Group company
  • Agro token will be traded in major cryptocurrency exchanges as well as in its own B2B trading platform
  • Token holders will be entitled to future revenue in the form of dividends.


    • AGRO TOKEN is the digital currency of the UK origin Agro Global Group agricultural company, which is engaged in farming activities around the world.
    • All of the benefit to be obtained from the AGRO Token sharing will be evaluated by purchasing new agricultural areas by the Agro Global Group.
    • AGRO uses wide range of new hi-tech tools (Robotics, AI, ICT, Big Data, Earth Observation, etc.). The synergic use of these instruments allows the shifting to the new paradigm of Sustainable Precision Agriculture (SPF)
    • It is aimed at expanding the existing agricultural areas in a short time.
    • Necessary studies have been initiated to increase product diversity.
    • Growing farmland will make AGRO TOKEN even more valuable.
    • The AGRO team is working to make AGRO TOKEN one of the most valid digital currencies in agricultural markets and trading around the world.
    • Agro Global Group agricultural company will market its own agricultural products to the world with AGRO TOKEN.
    • Agro Global Group agricultural company has launched its e-commerce site so that it can easily market its own products and other grower companies’ products worldwide.

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