For our statistics 84% of ICOs are scams and 84% of ICO scams don't know they're scams. We do everything to weed out all suspicious ICO. Our rating is based on more than 70 different parameters. Among them:

-Product: ICO details, features, structure, roadmap, technical explanation, use of token, MVP, use cases, laws & regulations.
-Activity: Media activity, site traffic, number of subscribers, smm activity.
-Vision: Whitepaper, timeline, current investments, market potential, number of existing user base.
-Potential: Risk score and investment potential.
-Team: Team rate, verification of all team members.
-ICO Profile: Availability of all necessary information for investors.

Rating is not permanent - we are monitoring the ICOs on daily basis. Also we are always improving our rating methodology by adding new criteria in our assessment algorithm.

If you do not agree with your ICO rating - please:
-Fill all missing ICO information
-Verify your ICO team

Also you can contact us for detailed audit: