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Hire expert freelancers for any job, Online Buy, sell, rent or hire just about anything!
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What is Agora?

A historical background

The Agora was a central public gathering space in ancient city - states. The Agora was the hub of activities related to sports, arts, spirituality and politics. In as early as the 10th - 8th century BC free-born citizens of Greece would gather in the Agora for military duty or to hear the speeches of the ruling king or council. The Agora also served as a marketplace where the merchants and shopkeepers kept stalls to sell their merchandise. This also attracted artisans who built workshops nearby. These twin functions of the Agora as a political and a commercial space came the two Greek verbs 'ἈΓΟΡΆΖΩ AGORÁZŌ' meaning "I shop" & 'ἈΓΟΡΕΎΩ AGOREÚŌ' meaning "I speak in public".

About Project Agora

Buy, sell, rent or hire just about anything! Adora platform gives you the freedom to hire, rent, buy or sell goods and services using your choice of crypto and at your preferred price.
Hire temporary or full time employees or freelancers in Agora platform by offering top and popular cryptocurrencies like BTC,ETH,LTC,XRP, etc. for a fee while paying in our own currency AGORA Coin is free. Similarly buy or sell goods in your choice of leading crypto for a fee or Agora Coin at no additional cost. To list your requirement or to respond to a post all you need to do is be a registered user in Agora platform, create your profile, and have an AGORA Coin wallet to deposit or receive payments (dynamic address) .


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