Afterburner Finance

Afterburner Finance

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Created using Figma
The Afterburner Engine is a gamified smart contract mechanism that incentivizes investors to make purchases in intervals.
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Pre Sale
Jul 22, 2022
Jul 24, 2022
100% completed
Raised funds - no Data
Cap 250.00
Hard cap 300.00
Token Details
Total supply
Token Distribution
Buy / Transfer Fees:
2% - Treasury
2% - Marketing
4% - Auto Liquidity
3% - Afterburner Engine

Sell Trading Fees:
4% - Treasury
4% - Marketing
4% - Auto Liquidity
10% - Afterburner Engine
Additional Details

About Afterburner Finance

Afterburner is a DeFi 3.0 project that aims to offer a stable and long-term investment via a set of innovative protocols and ground-breaking mechanisms. Afterburner provides an auto-compounding and auto-staking service that does all these functions while being held on your wallet, offering investors a 1.28% ROI daily.   Investors are protected by an Anti-Dump Mechanism, which limits the investors' withdrawal to 2% amount daily. Due to its ability to stop short-term traders from capitalizing on the liquidity of long-term investors, Afterburner is an excellent tool for passive income.
  • Afterburner Engine - The Afterburner Engine is a gamified smart contract mechanism that incentivizes investors to make purchases in intervals. Generating new cash flow for the protocol in the process. This system is designed to benefit both the investors and the protocol via buybacks & burns along with the prize pool.
  • Burning Chamber - The Burning Chamber’s purpose is to reduce circulating supply by sending the tokens to an inaccessible wallet. Burning Chamber is backed by funds accumulated from Afterburner Engine and the Treasury.
  • Afterburner Treasury - Treasury plays a vital role in Afterburner’s ecosystem. Transaction taxes accumulated in treasury will be used to sustain the current system, bring additional features, and new utilities, and improve the quality of the platform.
Pragmatic Vision Sustainability, stability, and long-term investment. These are the pillars that our vision is built upon. High rewards may seem attractive, but long-term investment requires sustainability and reliability, so we keep APY at reasonable rates. Unlike other projects, instead of holding the investors' money in treasury idly, AFTERBURNER will buy back and burn. Correspondingly, this bolsters both the holders' hands and the project’s liquidity. With all these combined, AFTERBURNER’s vision is to attract new investors to create an ever-increasing market cap.


Auto-Staking System

AFTERBURNER’s primary appreciation mechanism is staking and the holders receive an annual compound interest of 10,100.00%. Simply buy and hold the $ARB tokens in your wallet, and automatically accumulate rebase rewards during every 15 minute epochs.

Auto-Liquidity Engine

The automatic liquidity engine will automatically inject liquidity into the market every 24 hours and consequently saves holders from market volatility by strengthening the market pair, increasing the price floor, and prolonging the runway of AFTERBURNER.

Anti-Dump Mechanism

The Anti-Dump Mechanism, which allows only 1-5% of your balance to daily cash out, prevents sudden crashes from happening. The selling allowance can be determined according to the collective achievements or recent buy & sell pressure of the token.

The Burning Chamber

Depending on the performance of the Afterburner Engine, the $ARB tokens acquired from the market will be burned by the Burning Chamber’s Auto-Buyback policy. While reducing the circulating supply, individual value of your tokens will also raise constantly.


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