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Created using Figma
Adverx is a ERC20 ethereum based token with a goal to introduce cryptocurrency into the programmatic advertising industry. Investors can earn upto 40% ROI through our liquidity pool.
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Jan 23, 2018
Feb 28, 2018
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About Adverx

RTB means real time bidder mechanism, ad spaces are bought and sold through real time bidding between various advertisers/DSPs and publishers/SSPs. Advertisers upload their creatives, set target audience and budgets on the platform. After all this is set, they target the sites where they want to show their ads. The publishers/SSP side then plugs in their empty ad spaces by creating a SSP endpoint under RTB section.

Once all this is set, the advertisers start spending their budgets on publishers' inventory through our RTB technology platform and machine learning algorithms. Auctions take place and select the highest bid to show the ad on a website.

 We take a margin percentage in between for connecting the advertisers and publishers through our technology platform. For example if the advertiser spends $10 to show the ad on a website, we charge $2 as our margin and the publisher receives the remaining $8.  Our goal is to make AVX token a widely used currency in the digital advertising industry. Adverx RTB platform uses AVX as the currency for buying and selling impressions between our partner exchanges. To build a strong launching platform, we will execute instant buy/sell trades in cryptocurrency exchange for our token.

For investors, our Liquidity Pool gives a volatile interest based on the Liquidity Pool plans, described below, from our Liquidity Pool reserve. Once it is depleted, 50% profit from the RTB platform will be paid as interest to all the participants in our Liquidity Pool.


30 Days Growth:
30 Days Growth:

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