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The solution came too late for many species. The humans had darkened the skies with smoke, cut noisy roads through the forests, and paved over green swamps with concrete and metal. The Earth had always seemed to absorb what they did to it, persevere, and continue to provide for them. The tipping point finally came when the ecosystems began to visibly collapse, one after another. Species disappeared and crops stopped growing. The sea walls built to hold back the rising ocean made the coastline waters stagnant and unlivable for the native species. Every year the list of lost species was posted like a wartime casualty report...
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However, another reptile species saw the situation of their distant relatives and decide to save them. The alligators will get a place to live on the Varnians planet somewhere in the Metaverse. Under one condition, they will have to teach and cultivate themselves to adapt and be accepted in society.

The alligators would survive, but they would have to evolve. Through genetic manipulation and a few other scientific methods, they were able to adapt and progress. They learned to live in the Varnians developments, communicate with them in their language, and even walk upright and use machinery.

Particularly in the early days of the transition many of the older alligators disliked their new situation, though they proved to be adept at tool use and navigating Varnians society. The younger ones adapted quickly, learning the Varnian language and making friends quickly. After a few months, everyone had their chores and responsibilities, some would go fishing, others would be carpenters, and others would even cook.


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