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ADACASH - Earn passive income.
A revolutionary new token that earns you ADA reflections just for holding. Each buy/sell 8% tax is sent out to every holder every 60 minutes!
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About ADACash

ADACash is a Cardano (ADA) Rewards Token on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain). By simply holding, you will earn Cardano (ADA) crypto currency. We use a unique reward system that give reflection of each transaction to all the holders.

The more ADACash tokens you hold, the higher your $ADA reflections will be. ADACash, The future of Reflections Tokens and passive income. Together, We create the safest place on BSC.

We share our experience across multiple markets and knowledge of a variety of products to provide the best cryptocurrency research and trading information. But too many scam projects nowadays, So we decided to start our own project, creating the safest long term investment, not pump and dump project, develop the real utility token for the better future, and there we go, ADACash, you can hold and get ADA rewards, or trade for making profit with very friendly tax.

ADACash is the step forward in yield-generating contracts on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC); you receive rewards distributed in ADA rather than token reflections and the contract employs a static reward system. This allows rewards to extend outside of simply holding our coin as would a reflection-based coin operate.

When buying and holding a percent of the supply, every 60 minutes a dividend tracker will automatically calculate and distribute dividends among holders with your respective amount directly deposited within your wallet holding ADACash. There are no actions required in order to have this work and there is no minimum amount required to hold in order to receive your rewards. *The dividends are distributed as Binance Peg-Cardano tokens. There are no rewards reflected back into ADACash, thus your ADACash amount held will be unaffected.

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