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A Global Decentralized Collaboration Platform That Allows Anyone To Generate More Income. Unlock The ‘Free’ In Freelancing.
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  • Frictionless remote collaborations

  • Escrow / crypto / fiat payments for projects

  • Lifetime passive income through staking and affilliates

Enter Equal Relationships

To create the best work requires a truly equal relationship with commitments from both sides. Assign responsibilities to both you as a freelancers and the client now.

Be Safe And Stay Cool

Visualize the creative process. Build your C-Flow (C for Collaboration) with building blocks like Input, Proposals, Feedback Windows, Milestones and of course Payments.

Automated Execution of Agreements

Export to cristalclear Agreements signed with Digital Signatures. Stop worrying about politics. Start creating. Our platform tracks the execution of your iterative agreements.

Always Get Paid

Baked into the DNA of our platform are milestone payments and escrow payments making sure you always get paid instantly for delivering your work. In crypto or fiat currencies.

Try For Free   Unlock the 'free' in freelancing

Yura EQUALIZER is a platform that helps you keep your freelancer-client agreements sane and free from politics so your will get more and better work done.

  • Currently live in bèta,

  • Tested with real freelancers from all over the world,

  • Existing pay-out options are Payoneer (global) and European IBAN,

  • Freelancers can get paid in crypto or fiat,

  • Token holders earn passive income through staking and affilliates.

What we are building Have you ever seen a project go south because of a client?

If you are working freelance long enough then the answer is probably YES. Whether it is a lack of engagement, commitment, time, inspiration or money, working with clients can be challenging at times. We have been running creative and development projects since 2001 and honestly believe that we have seen it all.

We also believe that most clients have good intentions. And we love them for it. It’s just that clients have a lot on their plates and generally underestimate the commitment it takes on their part when they hire freelancers. A common mistake is to think that a freelancer has a crystal ball to navigate through decisions because “they are the professionals.”


Another common flaw in the thinking is that clients can freely move in, out and around the project anyway they like because they are on the paying side.

The reality is this: to get the best and most work done we need a different kind of commitment and an equal partnership. Yura.io aims to be the great equalizer and bringer of clarity in your agency-client relationships.

A calm breeze and peace of mind. For both parties.

This is what we are building and have built:


We promote equal partnerships between freelancers and their clients. Yura Equalize is a live platform (in bèta) for:

  • Workflow optimization

  • Automated and iterative contracting

  • Crypto / fiat / escrow payments


Adding an AI-driven marketplace where freelancers and clients can meet each other to start a collaboration. Allowing freelancers to generate a higher and more fair income. Let’s be honest, most existing marketplaces only serve the clientside. We’re about to fix that!


Another part of the platform that we are passionate is the Yura TEAMUP dashboard. It allows everyone, freelancer or not, to create multiple passive income streams in crypto by providing business value to the ecosystem.

The only way you want to manage your client agreements from now on!

Yura.io is a platform that let’s you keep your freelancer-client collaborations sane and free from politics so you will get more and better work done. And always get paid on time in the currency you prefer.


Our Mission:

The multi trillion freelance economy grew a staggering 29% in 2020. Our mission is simple: we empower the growing workforce of freelancers straight into independence and wealth. Helping them to truly unlock the ‘free’ in freelancing.

Live platform:

We are bringing decentralized collaboration mechanisms to the Future-Of-Work. The Yura Equalize is an agreement execution platform. On the platform freelancers and clients can work together on their projects through workflow, agreements and escrow payments based on agreed milestones. Payment can be done globally in the local currency or with crypto currencies including the Yura token (YUR). Yura Equalize is tested and live (in bèta).

In the weeks to follow we will hold our first tokensale. The token will be a BEP20 token (Binance Smart Chain) and as soon as Cardano launched its smart contract capabilities we will move to the Cardano mainnet and YURA will be a native Cardano token.

Token Launch: Token Utility:

Yura is on a mission to bring crypto benefits to a huge and growing market. The YURA token is the Cardano based medium in the Yura ecosystem that ties our community together and has the following uses and benefits: 


30 Tage Wachstum:
30 Tage Wachstum:

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