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Venera Swap

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Restoring users faith in BSC network and DeFi with an incentivized revenue sharing by using AMM model. Veneraswap protocol provides users with the trading, staking and farming experience & much more.
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Über Venera Swap

VeneraSwap is a decentralized exchange, characterizing itself as the latest Automated Market Maker (AMM) on Binance Smart Chain Network. Venera will be offering Binance-inclusive farming pairs, low trading fees, and an easy and smooth user experience. Every swap on Venera incurs a fee, this fee will get distributed to liquidity providers (LP). Venera is also considering launching cross chain on various networks. These might include Matic, Cronos, Metis and Avax networks.

The Birth of Rising Star
The service Venera Swap was launched in 2022. Venera Swap is a really promising service which inspires confidence of users and helps achieve incredible results. It restores users’ faith in BSC network and DeFi with an incentivized revenue sharing by using AMM model. The aspect makes out the service from other services.

Venera Swap protocol gives users the trading, staking and farming experience. One of the greatest features of the service is offering lower transaction fees. Please, call it the latest Automated Market Maker (AMM) on Binance Smart Chain Network. So, nice to meet you!


The Great DEX
DEX is a platform for matching bids to buy or sell assets of users to trade directly between members (peer-to-peer) without financial intermediaries.

Nevertheless, many existing exchanges, which refer to themselves as decentralized, are not entirely so: they use their own servers to store information on trades and orders to buy or sell users' assets, but the private keys are kept by the users themselves.

Decentralized exchanges need a distributed ledger to keep and deal with all information and provide the technical possibility of direct interaction between transaction participants.


Heart of DEX and Venera Swap
The main strengths of DEX and Venera Swap include the best prices in crypto currency exchanges. They have no management with an interest in manipulating prices. They give complete anonymity to the user due to not storing user assets, so that neither hacker attacks nor a complete collapse of the exchange itself will threaten the loss of funds. They do not also have a single entry point through which all assets and data can be accessed, which makes it difficult for hackers and makes the attack itself pointless.

Therefore, decentralized DEX exchanges give you full control over your own funds.


Great Expectations
If you are a determined, goal-oriented and successful person, with the help of DEX and Venera Swap you will definitely make your dreams true and the future results will meet your expectations for sure.

In the niche of numerous products, it is very important to choose the right one and not get lost in many substandard things. It will lead you to the way to success and fill your life with unbelievable achievements.

There is a nice Chinese proverb saying: ‘The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.’ It means that if you want success in the future, the best time to act is today.

Venera Swap Roadmap

  • First Phase:

  • ✅ DEX: Staking, trading, and farming.
    🔛 Community: A superb, productive and engaged community.
    ✅ Roadmap: A detailed roadmap will be shared.
    ✅ Audit: Audited by Solidity Finance.
    ✅ KYC: KYC done and approved by Ape O'Clock.

    🔛 Info/Analytics: Create an info-analytics page for the swap.
  • Second Phase:

  • 🔄 Additional farming pools: New and exclusive farming pools.
    🔄 Partnerships: Partner with other communities to expand our customer base and our features.
    🔄 Team: Expand the team.

    🔄 Chart: Integrate a chart within the swap.

    🔄 Zapping: Introducing zapping feature for LPs.

    🔄 Multisig: Having a Multisig to insure transparency.
    🔄 P2P Market place: Work in progress.
    More features suggested and voted for by the community to be added.
  • Third Phase:

  • 🔜 Moving all farms to boosted farms: Let the bribe wars begin.
    🔜 V2: Release version 2 of the DEX with our very own unique UI and features.

    🔜 Leveraged Trading: V2.
    🔜 Cross-chain: Exploring the possibility to introduce cross chain to other blockchains such as Fantom, Polygon, and more...

    🔜 Swap v2.0: Includes swapping Interest bearing Tokens, and creating pools for them.
    🔜 NFT: NFT Marketplace.
    🔜 Wallet: Our partners are creating a wallet that will host your VSW token alongside other tokens, with integrated Venera swap features as well as buy by card features.


30 Tage Wachstum:
30 Tage Wachstum:

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