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Lightstreams is one of the platforms compatible with Ethereum and built based on PoA algorithm, which combine a high level of speed and privacy (these include POA Network, Cosmos Network and others). Except for mentioned decisions, such problems as increase in scalability, capacity and personal data protection in networks are solved at the Ethereum level (05/04/2018 V. Buterin claimed that the network can potentially reach 1M TPS with the use of Sharding ΠΈ Plasma decisions).
The team also considers EOS, IOTA, Filecoin their competitors. EOS, IOTA have a high capacity, but their privacy level is lower. In Filecoin both capacity and privacy is a level lower than Lightstreams’.
In general, high-speed networks and decentralized storages by the results of ICO demonstrate high indicators of fundraising and efficient return on investment:
POA Network – in the course of ICO $12,6M was raised, capitalization - $69,1M, ROI USD - 4,66x
IOTA - raised - 1,337 BTC., capitalization - $4,5 billion, ROI USD - >160x
Filecoin - raised - $257M, capitalization – not available, ROI USD - 1,8x

Social activity:
The level of marketing activity to the project is low. Channels in Telegram counts about 13500 followers, Twitter - 993, Facebook - 103. Since October 2017 the project blog publishes 1-2 articles per month, which lack releases on the product development and project development previews. The blog last articles inform on the project achievements in social networks, founders’ promises to update Roadmap and it seems that the team plays for time and waits for the end of ICO.
In January, 2018, $300K was raised at the seed stage. The period of Private sale for institutional investor and its results are not yet known.


Lightstreams can also become successful due to additional valuable function of the platform of the shared use of digital author’s content (music, video, books, etc.). But it’s yet unknown whether society will accept this idea. Today the market of cryptocurrencies actively searches for the optimal algorithm of consensus, blockchains of new generation appear every week, and delay, which is observed in the Lightstreams product development, can be critical for the project.


Overall, we have an undetermined view about the flipping potential of the ICO and are neutral about its long-term potential. Our thoughts on buying the tokens for flipping and investing for the long term are as follows:
For flipping
Depends. The project has a relatively low hard cap for a blockchain protocol project and has generated high market awareness. However, the team is undecided as to whether they will issue a placeholder ERC-20 token which can be exchanged for mainnet tokens or distribute tokens directly once mainnet is launched (currently scheduled in early Q4 2018).
If the team chooses the first option (issuing a placeholder token), then the turnaround time would be much quicker. We would be positive about the flipping potential in this case.
If they go for the latter option (distributing mainnet tokens directly when the network launches), then there would be a few month lag between the date of contribution and the date of receiving mainnet tokens. In addition, this does not take into account the time it takes for the mainnet PHT tokens to be integrated and listed on exchanges. We have a neutral view for flipping if this is the option that the team chooses.
For long-term holding
Neutral. The idea of the project was conceived and developed more than one year ago during last year’s Consensus Hackathon. However, the team suspended the development and waited until one year later to conduct an ICO to continue the project. This does not speak well to the team’s enthusiasm for the project and for this reason, we are neutral about the chance that the project will be a success.

ICO Drops

13-May. Sergey: There is not much interest in this project. Link
30-May. Alexey: I don`t like it.
Andrey: They will fork Ethereum and make blockchain for content distribution.
Bruce: Main net launch will be in the Q3 and exchanges, as far as I understand, after the swap. I think it is a good project, there is no reason for it to show negative ROI after ICO.

Wolf Crypto

● Lightstreams is a blockchain network with the aim to help decentralised applications with performance and data privacy. 
● As a result, there will be uncapped storage capacity, zero costs, improved transaction speeds and managements of privacy.
● MVP of Lightstreams authority nodes will be released and finalised in Q4 2018.

Crypto Calibur

Lightstreams has managed to generate high market awareness in the cryptocurrency sphere. Furthermore, the hard cap for a blockchain protocol is relatively low. The authority nodes are planned to be released in Q3 2018 and the main net is planned for the end of the year. If the main net has a positive launch and offers something unique, then we believe there is great upside potential for the project’s market capitalization growth. On the flip side, the hype for the project has slowly faded over the past weeks, however we believe as the ICO approaches its final stages, the hype will pick right up. Regarding our long-term view, we believe that as of now it is not possible to predict whether this will be able to withstand all of the existent and upcoming competition. Time shall tell.

Ian Balina

03-Oct. Passing on it


One more good project offering an advanced platform for DApps and supplying the environment with privacy and confidentiality of data, and scalability and speed for DApps. Not a unique project that will have a number of competitors. Four partnerships have been already established and more are expected. Disadvantages – poor roadmap and unclear information on the ICO dates. Anyway considering low hard cap ($20 million) and a strong team, we believe the project has a promising future.
A project providing an excellent platform for DApps with focus on data privacy and interaction speed. Deserves a check mark.


The LightStreams project has the following advantages:

The product is in demand in the Dapps emerging market
LightStreams competitive advantages are clearly highlighted.

Disadvantages of the project are as follows:

There is no detailed analysis of the market
Complete lack of marketing strategy
Small team.


Team & Advisors – 8/10
Roadmap – 8/10
Token Metrics – 8/10
Verdict Positive- for short term flip Neutral - for long term hold

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