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We present you the newly formed metaverse far far away with so much sugar that life can thrive for billions of centuries. The mission is to explore the 7 planets, play any of the 7 games, claim your land, build your civilisation and crush your opponents!
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Über Sugarverse

The Sugarverse team is building a unique metaverse with multiple planets and integrated gaming experiences for each one of those worlds, where players can monetize their gaming experience using our native token CNDY. The team behind Sugarverse has previously developed 10 mobile games, published in 30+ languages, and attracted over 60 million players worldwide since 2005. The team is highly experienced and passionate about delivering the ultimate metaverse experience available on the market. With previous experience in blockchain, game development, 2D and 3D art, marketing, and real-world company management we are positioned for success from day one. Building on top of successful careers in XS Software, Gameloft, Ubisoft, CrazyLabs and successfully running crypto and technology startups, the experienced team can launch, execute, and grow an exciting Web 3.0 gaming metaverse that will consist of Play-to-Earn games, NFT, Metaverse, DAO and DeFi.

What is the Sugarverse?
Our vision is to offer a candy themed meta universe that consists of seven planets and seven integrated games. Our unique Play-And-Earn approach creates a cyclical economy and solves the biggest issue with P2E - broken economy.

As a player you can own land, build buildings, and collect rewards in the form of (Non-Fungible Tokens, aka NFTs) and/or CNDY tokens. You can play on each planet a unique Play-to-earn mobile game which is developed in house or published on our platform together with a partner gaming studio. Our focus is on developing the highest quality casual mobile games to appeal to both crypto and non-crypto game enthusiasts - removing the barriers to entry for new crypto gamers.

Our aim is to disrupt the market by providing a true gaming experience within our metaverse. Fully benefiting from the accelerated adoption of blockchain gaming, meanwhile providing a distribution platform for gaming studios to work with. Sugarverse is a metaverse that is truly owned by our users - all assets in the game are represented as NFTs - non-fungible tokens and can be exported and traded on open markets. The in-game transactions are all recorded on the blockchain to ensure that there is no centralized party that could tamper the game results.

We issue a native token, CNDY, as the governance token as well as the necessary currency for the gameplay and trade on the marketplace. It's the default currency in the Sugarverse world. We also have an in-game points gCNDY, earned by playing the games and can be exchanged for CNDY token on our marketplace.

Sugarverse Roadmap

  • Concept - Q4 2021
    Team building – Q4 2021
    Company Incorporation - Q1 2022
    Website Release Q1 2022
    Whitepaper Q1 2022
    Early Adopters Rounds Open Q2 2022
    Sugarverse AR Experience Q2 2022
    Intro Video Metaverse Q2 2022
    Game Alpha Testing Q3 2022
    First Joint Venture Partnership with gaming studio Q3 2022
    Token Minting Q4 2022
    Public Sale Q4 2022
    Token Security Audit Q4 2022
    Staking Launch Q4 2022
    Wallet Integration Q4 2022
    Alpha Game Q4 2022
    Marketplace Live 2023
    Avatar NFT first series sale 2023
    Avatar NFT second series sale 2023
    NFT land sale 2023
    Metaverse Launch 2023
    Buildings NFTs launch 2023
    Beta Game 2023
    Second Metaverse planet release 2023
    Spaceships and spaceships parts NFTs launch 2023
    Second game launch 2023
    Third Metaverse planet release 2024
    NFT land sale 2024
    3nd Game trailer and demo game 2024
    Third game launch 2024
    Fourth and Fifth Metaverse planets release 2024
    Fourth and Fifth Game launch 2025
    Sixth and Seventh Metaverse planets release 2025
    NFT land sale 2025
    Sixth and Seventh Game launch 2026


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Sugarverse Mannschaft

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Nikolay Mitev
Co-founder & CEO
Philip Balkanski
Co-founder & COO
Hristo Tenchev
CEO XS Software
Angel Danchev
Creative Lead & Partnerships
2D/3D artist

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