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Wheel INVENT democratizes innovation by leveraging blockchain technology to certify and monetize people’s ideas. Wheel INVENT is an AI-driven platform that sources and qualifies ideas from the crowd. We analyze, score, and categorize ideas with Machine Learning (ML) algorithms and certify the ownership of these ideas with Non-Fungible Tokens (‘NFT’). Each NFT transaction rewards a user with our fungible token called SPOKES. The better the idea, the more SPOKES are awarded.
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Ziel 50 000.00 USD
Limit 500 000.00 USD
  • 1 SPOKES
    0.00025 USD
A total supply of 1 billion SPOKES with 60% of liquidity locked over 5-year period. The Q3 2021 pre-sale, will be capped at 400 million SPOKES, with a limit of 5 million SPOKES per person, at an offering price of $0.00025.
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Registrierter Firmenname
Wheel Invent Corporation
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United States
Firma gegründet
Jan 6, 2020
Buyers will be offered a 200-400% bonus as a part of the pre-sale relative to market prices.
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MVP / Prototyp


Our team brings together a technical and business skillset that uniquely equips wheel INVENT for success. From a technical perspective, our Data Science background allows us to understand ideas like no one has before - using ML and AI to decompose and interpret ideas. The technical development, driven by Kurt Rimbach, who comes from a Data Science & Analytics background, and Alecs Tusciuc, a full-stack developer, allows us to incorporate novel data science and user engagement approaches. From a business perspective, our co-founders Michiel ten Broeke and Luca Scherrer have played active roles in setting up business partnerships and ecosystems, giving the business an unprecedented understanding of the market and how to successfully engage with enterprise customers. Furthermore, our network of business and crypto advisors give us access to the latest innovation and thinking.


Our platform establishes one central, global, open-access place for consumers to submit their ideas. We qualify and score every idea submitted on the platform. For good quality ideas (scored 5 out of 10 or more by our algorithm), wheel INVENT will automatically issue an NFT for your idea. Lower scores require the user to pay a transaction fee, if the user still desires an NFT for those ideas. For every good quality idea, and for every issued NFT, the idea submitter gets rewarded in SPOKES. Our platform allows users to manage their portfolio of ideas and NFTs and allows them to tag companies that may be interested in acquiring the idea. 

Wheel INVENT’s role is to act as the broker between users and businesses – aggregating ideas and insights for companies. Our matching algorithm submits ideas to companies that have an active contract with wheel INVENT. These enterprise contracts define the scope of ideas a company will gain access to on the platform – this access is not exclusive and other companies may be subscribed to the same idea scope. However, a company may choose to purchase ownership (for a fixed fee), which results in transfer of NFT ownership from a user to a company. Revenue we make with our corporate customers, we share back with the idea submitters in the form of SPOKES. Additionally, royalty fees are coded in the NFT smart contracts. For every secondary transaction of a NFT, the original idea submitter gets rewarded with SPOKES.

The value for companies is that they gain access to customer-centric ideas for a significantly lower cost – they are currently paying millions for access to limited user groups (incl. focus groups, market research studies, and consultants). The starting point often is a business problem for which ideas are sourced reactively in a manual and expensive way. There is no independent party sourcing ideas and existing, company dedicated platforms therefore only reach a limited and biased crowd. Wheel INVENT changes this dynamic - proactively sharing ideas and insights.

Wheel INVENT not only revolutionizes the sourcing of ideas, but also the prioritization of internal ideas. The vast amount of ideas from diverse customers can be synthesized into unique market trends and insights. Insights that allow product managers to efficiently test their ideas to support their business cases with actual market data.

SPOKES Roadmap

  • Q1-Q4 2020

  • • Idea inception and concept development
    • Company incorporation (Wheel Invent Corporation)
    • Algorithm development and training using 10,000 ideas
    • Pre-seed funding from angel investor
    • Advisory team set-up
    • Platform development (excl. NFT technology)
  • Q1 2021

  • • Soft launch with Harvard Business School to test platform and validate business model
    • Development of technical roadmap and specifications for NFT and SPOKES integration onto platform
    • Token release preparation
  • Q2-3 2021

  • • Set-up and execution of token issuance and marketing campaigns
    • Private pre-sale of SPOKES token
    • Public token offering
  • Q3-4 2021

  • • Execution of technical development to incorporate NFT and SPOKES on wheel INVENT platform
  • Weiterlesen
  • Q1 2022

  • • Global platform launch (incl. NFT and SPOKES payments)


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Michiel ten Broeke
Luca Scherrer
Kurt Rimbach
Alecs Tusciuc
Lead developer
Tim Lee
Blockchain strategist

SPOKES Interviews

Michiel ten Broeke
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am a Co-founder of Wheel INVENT and actively lead the strategic direction for the business and company.
What do you think about idea?
I believe Wheel INVENT is able to revolutionize innovation and the way that IP is managed - hoping to create a new class of IP and ideas.
Luca Scherrer
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am responsible for the platform strategy of wheelINVENT. My main objective is to maximize two-sided network effects to exponentially increase the value for our users.
What do you think about idea?
Having ideas is one of the most human virtues and a reason why we continually improve, evolve and adapt. Nowadays, a lot of ideas are however not considered or taken seriously, because they haven't been raised by the right person or in the right context. This leads to a narrow funnel of ideas and a lot of unsolved problems across industries. In our opinion, education, professional status and access to funds must not be considered when assessing the quality of an idea. We want to give people a trusted platform where they can confidently share their ideas. By leveraging blockchain technology, we can offer a transparent and trustable way to certify and monetize all good ideas.

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