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Our mindset is to revolutionize how we think about Vaccination and bring awareness in the Crypto world. Besides this Provaxx will Host 1st Crypto Music Festival dedicated to all Crypto holders and investors.
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Über ProVAXX

The Crypto world is already spreading with such enormous speed. The community of Crypto is increasing day by day and there is no counting how many people are part of this community.

VAXX is going to take this chance and going to provide the opportunity to all crypto communities to come together and celebrate the biggest event of the crypto world.(VAXX Music Festival)

To put a more crypto approach to this event people are going to use VAXX token for purchasing tickets in VAXX Festival and many other big festivals like: Tomorrowland, Ultra Miami, EDC Orlando, Creamfields, Burning Man, Amsterdam music festival, Defqon1, Coachella, Untold and many more will come. 

Applied possibility through our platform to purchase food, drinks and other items in

VAXX Festival using crypto payment and fiat.

Going Big

Staying Flexible through an organic, bottom-up structure. An open platform allows the ecosystem to respond quickly and appropriately to the changing landscape of the industry. We are building a framework with the future in mind.

NFT marketplace through VAXXapp, different NFT's will be created around the festival that can be used for VIP experience


Being part of an engaging community gives us a sense of belonging. Therefore VAXX Community is our PASSION and by that, we will become the greatest  shared story around  the world in Music Festival Industry.

To make thinks easy for every individual, we have implemented no queue in the tickets sale. One of the biggest problems encounter in tickets sale.

Payment will be instant, no registration needed.

Everything gets registry on on the Binance blockchain.

Tickets will be available in VAXXapp

You  Choose

Opinions are different preferences in terms of music are different, so we decided to develop through the Vaxx application for any member of our community will have the chance to vote for their favorite artist,
the most voted artists will participate in the festival according to the community members vote

All in One

Independent blockchain running its own network.

Enter VAXX, the most significant upgrade to the VAXX project blockchain. At the protocol level, all users and applications will naturally benefit from its vastly improved architecture—meaning better performance, simplicity and ease-of-use, improved economics, and the introduction of on-chain governance to ensure the platform's longevity in a decentralized manner.

VAXX mainnet will offer high throughput, security, and low fees. For DApps, the option to aggregate liquidity from multiple sources will prove beneficial. Additionally, the ecosystem will provide multiple levels of support for teams building on this mainnet and those who seek out funding.

Developers will also note a dramatic reduction in the costs of deploying and executing smart contracts. With fees lowered by an average of approximately 100 times

Creating A More Competitive Landscape for Music Festivals, Payment Process, NFT's, and DApps in the VAXX Mainnet for the Community.

Dream Art

When we first start the main idea to create a crypto festival, our mindset was to give the biggest impact in our community life. And gave back what any crypto investor or holder, will want, freedom of using cryptocurrency in one app for different music festivals. Our app is under construction right now, and we will hope to have it at the beginning of the 2022 ready for Trading crypto assets, NFT's, and Tickets Purchase.


   Maximum security, interoperability, reliability and scalability.


  Designed to meet any specific needs and solve real-world problems. (no queue, no waiting in the line)


   Spread in the open world for all kinds of festivals, but nothing like VAXX Festival, once you get VAXXed you will come back, every year.  The Hype around this project will be tremendous, huge, nothing you have ever seen in the crypto space !!!


  For this we gonna establish a community poll, and let you decide from 3 Continents and 10 Countries


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