Created using Figma
Created using Figma
A Community Run Decentralized, Utility (Bep-20) Token Made with An Intent to Create A Decentralized Social Media Platform ’PampWorld’
To be announced
5% Automatic Liquidity
5% of every trade is locked into tradable Liquidity Pool to create a steadily rising price floor.
HODLers Are Winners
HODLers earn passive rewards as 3% of each transaction is redistributed amongst holders
Weitere Details
Plattform, Medien


The ‘Pamp It’ token is the brainchild of four tech enthusiasts who have worked in the sector for over seven years and have been
closely following the crypto space since there were any altcoins at all.

We’re excited and delighted because we’ve come a long way from where we started, and everyone connected with Crypto Space is in for a wild trip.

We believe this market has enormous potential, and we have only scratched the surface. Consider what it might become in the next few years, and how we see our responsibilities fitting into the
system. We have everything we require. And we are confident that the individuals in this arena will warmly embrace us, as we passionately believe in this initiative and envisage ‘PampWorld’ running alongside Facebook, if not outperforming it in many
areas, in the years ahead.


Liquidity is locked for 6 months to ensure no-one can touch the Token holder’s money and it is safe for trades and traders.

Each transaction has a 9% slippage applied to it. 5% of that goes straight to the Liquidity wallet. The remaining 3% is distributed among token HODLers, with the remaining 1% going to the donation wallet for homeless people. A wise man said what we give to others is what we get. So be wise.

PAMPiT Roadmap

  • Phase I June 2021

  • ✔ Fully fledged Website Launch
    ✔ Whitepaper rollout
    - PreSale/ICO
    - Pancakeswap Listing
    - Community Buildup
    - Website Revamp
  • Phase II July 2021

  • - Partnership with NGOs

    - PAMPSwap Launch

    - Marketing Push (Phase I)

    - CoinGecko Listing

    - Airdrop Drive I
  • Phase III August 2021

  • - Marketing Push (Phase-II)
    - Extended Partnerships
    - Listing on Multiple Exchanges
    - Airdrop Drive II
  • Phase IV September 2021

  • - Beta Version Application Launch (PampWorld)

    - First Donation Drive

    - Integration on Tier one Exchanges
  • Weiterlesen
  • Phase V December 2021

  • - Beta Version Android App Launch
    - Marketing push (Phase III)
    - PampWorld Website Launch
  • Phase VI March - April 2022

  • - Fully Fledged Website and App Launch

    - 2nd Donation Drive

    - Marketing Push (Phase IV)

    - Partnerships with Artists/Musicians to bring in PampWorld


30 Tage Wachstum:
30 Tage Wachstum:
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