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Join the future of DeCentralized Community Building.Continually facilitate advancement is blockchain development using community engagement
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Über OAP

Dynamically utilize community-focused “outside the box” thinking via interoperable strategic blockchain development . Monotonectally grow smart-platform convergence.

OpenAlexa Platform - Our Vision of Decentralized World
It gives us immense pleasure to bring this important news to the OAP community that the The Foundation will soon be launching its first flagship and most awaited Blockchain named EtherLite Before I begin to explain what EtherLite is and what function it will perform in the
world, I will reiterate a few ground realities of the present state of the Blockchain system.
Presently among the over 8000 Coins and tokens and over 300 unique independent public Blockchains, Ethereum is the only one which gives us some semblance of real world practical usage. Bitcoin has reserved its place as a store of value, more akin to Gold of the Crypto Community, while Ethereum has chosen to take the burden of being the currency. Now what is the primary difference between a currency and Gold, currencies are easily exchangeable and transferable, while Gold in its real physical form is both difficult to transfer and exchange when compared to currencies. What happens when a currency takes either too much time to transfer or too much cost (that is to say; fees/gas) to get transferred from one party to another. Can it be said that it is a good currency? Afraid Not. This is unfortunately the present state with Ethereum. A lot of our daily transactions are small transactions, transactions that we just wanna get done with in seconds and move on. Eg. Paying at a juice bar, or a tube station or for a bus ticket or at a parking lot. Now imagine using Ethereum or a stable coin built on Ethereum to pay for at any of the above places. Would you be okay to pay 1 USD fee for a 2 USD bus ticket or a 3 USD glass of juice, we assume probably not. And that is among the primary reasons Ethereum despite being a super-awesome distributed SuperComputer has failed to get global acceptance. But now, during this bull-run, the onus is upon us to invite the rest of the world to the community and let them know and enjoy the fruits of technological innovation of the Crypto Community. Hence, we have decided our first and flagship product to be EtherLite, a lighter, faster but most importantly a cheaper and affordable solution to the bottlenecks of Ethereum.

OAP Roadmap

  • Q1-Q2 2020

  • Launch OpenAlexa Network Platform DApp
  • Q2-Q3 2020

  • OAP Listing in Exchanges for Price Discovery; Releasing Genesis/Concept Paper
  • Q3-Q4 2020

  • WhitePaper & Technical Specs; Development Forum; Ethereum Fork – Testnet Launch
  • Q4 2020 – Q2 2021

  • Ethereum Fork LAUNCH & Exchange Listing & IEO
  • Weiterlesen
  • 2021+

  • Ethereum & Fork Interconnecting Bridge; Decentralised Web hosting


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