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Lucky Dog

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Lucky Dog (LDO) is the best thought Experimental Deflationary Token so far, with the best planning and reward structure to ensure robust Running of the Project. While some other tokens are a money GRAB, We are here for the long term and want this token to be the best experiment so far and create the best use cases.
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Weitere Details

Über Lucky Dog


Owning a lot of Lucky Dog Tokens will allow one to lend Lucky Dog currency (an off-chain development in 2019) for the purpose of backing projects with Lucky Dog currency as form of cashback. All the business has to do is approve the plan, follow-through on the innovations and inject the money according to how consumers want.


Consistent piling up of data and backend information such as in the traditional blockchain structure will not work for future solutions. Therefore Lucky Dog currency will be balanced by utilizing slim blockchains or off-chain, localized, BNB mobile blockchains.

These self-editing blockchains push data, from phone to phone until the network has accepted the specific transaction history, and then proceeds to unload older transactions onto a miner. It will be by 2021 assuming all crowdsales are successful, that this development will take place.

Here’s how it works: once a miner verifies that the spending used to earn Lucky Dog is authentic and that the Lucky Dog was created legitimately, it can then process the buying and selling of that Lucky Dog on the international market through the Zeus Machine (a series of miners around the globe who buy and sell Lucky Dog).

As consumers earn Lucky Dog for their spending data, older data is recycled onto the Lucky Dog Cloud, where it is then processed and worked on by corporate GPUs.The purpose of this is for the dissecting of data and finding patterns in spending. This is then visualized published through Janus which is a publically accessible form.


Miners will play a very important role in Lucky Dog, in that they act as the infrastructure of the new financial network. The way the localized mobile blockchains will be connected is through the Zeus Machine, a series of worldwide miners that will do spot trading of Lucky Dog currency exchanging it for fiats all over the world.

This process would work exactly like a torrent, pinging other miners about how much Lucky Dog and fiat they currently hold to instantly process payments across the world. Perhaps, a local miner wouldn’t be able to sell millions of dollars in Lucky Dog instantly, but miners across the globe could. By distributing network load across the globe with the decentralized Zeus Machine and through a series of BNB blockchains, even the smallest of towns could participate in the global economy.


Lucky Dog’s prized possession will be data, mainly consumer data and allowing consumers to sell this data on international markets as they would with stocks. Consumers will use the data through the open-ended API known as Janus, to pledge their spending for renovations at businesses they shop at. In exchange the business renovates and users earn cashback in Lucky Dog currency backed by a lending token holder.

This is far different from traditional loans, as the projects consumers propose on the network are backed by their demand (promise to spend there) and they’ll get rewarded Lucky Dog currency (seperate from the tokens) for spending at the proposed plans or businesses.


With the BNB and the Lucky Dog Token acting as a digital fingerprint, the newest form of technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) can begin to take alive. Lucky Dog will be the first real Artificial Intelligence (AI) in that it will be the first cryptocurrency that tracks consumer spending. Besides utilizing fraud detection through machine learning from GPUs that process Lucky Dog, there will be a backend that will be done at Lucky Dog Corporation. This backend will aim to gauge where demand is going, where the cashback for Lucky Dog is going and what people are buying. If estimations can be made for what people are buying then it could also be estimated what resources are used for products and services that are bought. Then, an AI could see gaps in resource constraints and where demand and consumer spending should be shifting to make the economy more efficient.


Lucky Dog Tokens were airdropped to the masses and Lucky Dog currency will be given back as cashback for data to the masses. Our marketing and growth is unstoppable and the only sign you need to see that we will indeed succeed. Every ether we earn goes straight to airdrops and we are ever increasing and expanding. No other cryptocurrency firm is taking the hardline approach we are to growth and our fanbase is the surest sign of a company thriving and doing well.

As we continue to develop software, we will ensure everyone gets a fair edge and will continue to be a token for the people, by the people, for the people. Despite criticism, some valid, some not, you will continue to witness Lucky Dog growing and growing consistently. Slowly but surely. You can either wait and watch on the sidelines or jump in and get involved early game and grow with us.

Lucky Dog Roadmap


  • Planning and knitting ideas
    Token smart contract writing
    Preparation for platform development
    Token smart contract deployed on BNB.
    Token Presale
    Dapp Release
    st Lucky Dog Article on
    medium Marketing
  • JUNE

  • New exchange listing
    More Articles on medium
    Token listing on Coin DirectoryCoingecko and Coinmarketcap
    Token listing on Coin DirectoryCoingecko and Coinmarketcap
    Improve website features
  • JULY

  • More exchange listing
    Further Development
  • Q3 - 2021

  • To be updated soon.


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