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Everyone deserves a $HOME
A charity-oriented token that is focused on decreasing the rate of homelessness around the world. Introducing HomeCoin.
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Über HomeCoin

What is Home Coin Home Coin is a deflationary high yield token on the BSC network designed to aid in the reduction of homelessness through means of weekly charity donations. Home Coin is to be used as two-stop shop to make donating hassle-free, while earning on your investment and achieving financial freedom.

How Many Home Coin’s Are There in Circulation? Home Coin launched on May 16th with 1 quad total supply, 30% of which was burned, and 5% was reserved for the marketing and charity wallet used to keep this project on a parabolic path.

Who Are The Founders of Home Coin

There are three Co-Founders/Developers front lining this project. Manor Abu, Josh Lerman, and Alan Kachar. All three developers met in University and became acquainted through their interest and success in both the stock market and crypto market. All three individuals were early crypto investors and frequent alt-coin investors. They decided to change the way the market viewed “meme coins” by giving them utility, and a wholesome purpose.

Where Can I Buy Home Coin Home Coin is currently available for purchase through PancakeSwap, with HOME/BNB trading pairs. Home Coin is currently in the midst of being accepted too widely used exchanges such as HotBit, WhiteBit, and CoinGecko.

To purchase Home Coin, one will need to purchase BNB on www.binance.com. Binance Coin (BNB) is a cryptocurrency which can be used to trade and pay fees on the Finance cryptocurrency exchange. BNB is both traceable and exchangeable for other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and HOME.

HomeCoin Roadmap

  • May Q2 2021

  • $HOME launch

    Audit results

    First AMA (DevDox)

    Community giveaways

    Community contests

    First #HOMECOINGIVES BACK initiative

    Influencer marketing

    CoinGecko listing

    YouTube vlogs

    Live donation

    Merch pre-sale
  • June Q2 2021

  • Marketing budget increase

    More community giveaways and contests

    Blockfolio listing

    Probit listing

    Whitebit listing

    CMC listing


    First set of NFTs
  • July Q3 2021

  • shelter

    More NFTs

    Bigger partnerships

    Coming soon...


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