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Created using Figma
Goatzilla Token, an ecofriendly crypto currency and a decentralised protocol built for the funding open source projects.
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Über Goatzilla

Goatzilla brings decentralized voting into blockchain. It is best suitable for elections, crowdfunding, decision funding and other voting purposes.

The Goatzilla Token (GTZ)

The Goatzilla utility token is used to stake on data, govern community funding, and buy & sell data. Its supply is disbursed over time to drive near-term growth and long-term sustainability. GTZ is designed to increase with a rise in usage volume.

What can you do as a Goatzilla holder?

- Decide about the project to be undertaken for execution.

- Change the order of Roadmap.

- Choose a nonprofit to support.

- and more

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FEATURES Goatzilla strives to be a secure finance tool that upholds human rights. Decision Funding

Traceable coins can be limited and distributed by the organizer of the poll/election to obtain fair voice of the voters.

    Public Elections

Shielded transactions hide the sender, recipient, and value on the blockchain while keeping the count decentralized and verifiable by any participant.

    Earn, Save, Exchange

Access the growing ecosystem of decentralized financial tools and services all from your mobile phone.

Crowd Funding

Raising contributions for a project or venture, targeted to particular features.


Users use Goatzilla in GoatzillaDAO to govern which Goatzilla community projects to fund

 Keep Your Goatzilla Safe

Keep Your Goatzilla Safe The Goatzilla Token is a standard BEP-20 token and can be stored in any wallet with BEP-20 capabilities.

Goatzilla Roadmap

  • 2021 Q2

  • Goatzilla is born (05/31/2021)!
    token pre-sales
    GTZ will be listed on goatzilla.space defi exchange
    Build social Accounts
    Creating social media accounts on popular social networks.
    Exchange Applications
    Submitting applications to exchanges that support our tokenomics
  • 2021 Q4

  • goatzilla Wallet & Exchange Buildout
    Goatzilla wallet
    Develop Goatzilla Wallet for iOS and Android Add open source project tipping system to wallet
    Exchange Planning
    Design and plan for Goatzilla Exchange roll-out Begin recruitment of staff
  • 2022

  • Stage 2 Begins
    Updated Roadmap


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