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The most rewarding and flexible token sale platform.
The top 200 DISTX token holders share in 2% of all tokens from sales running through the platform. On top of that, 1% of all ETH raised during sales, is used to buy and burn DISTX tokens. The features of DistX platform are like no other.
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Über DistX

DistX is a new token sale platform with some very nice features and benefits which are mostly outlined on our website at distx.io but here they are in short:

  • The top 200 DISTX token holders share in 2% of all tokens from token sales that run through the DistX platform. That means you receive very early tokens on many different projects, as though you bought into the token sale yourself. It's all automated, you just sit there and collect all kinds of tokens.
  • 1% of all ETH raised during token sales on DistX platform is used to buy and burn DISTX tokens, making it deflationary. This could add up really quick. So on top of the top 200 holding onto their DISTX tightly, the circulating supply is always being reduced.
  • There is a unique DISTXR token to accompany the platform. When you contribute to a token sale on the DistX platform, you instantly receive a unique DISTXR token that serves as a receipt. You can redeem this token for the tokens that you purchased during the token sale, at a time of your choosing and to multiple wallets (split up). Gives tremendous flexibility on how and when you receive your tokens and also adds a guarantee that you are entitled to the tokens, which would be reserved in our pool until then.
  • There is a mixing service option. When you want to redeem your tokens, you can choose to mix the transactions to create some more privacy of your holdings. Just pay a fee that covers gas etc, type in your receiving addresses and everything else is automated.
  • Many other features, we offer a complete service from token generation, to token sale, distribution and then UniSwap listing.


Features for Token Sale Participants
  • Find all token sales in one easy location on our website
  • Select multiple destination wallets for you tokens
  • Receive a DISTXR token in your wallet instantly, giving you a receipt to be redeemed at any time (after token sale ends) through our website
  • Mix your tokens during distribution (hide the trail of ownership)
  • Check the settings of past and present token sales any time
  • No trust required or risk of not receiving tokens – it’s all automated with smart contracts
Features for Token Sale Holders
  • Set minimum and maximum contributions, set goal, set automatic token distribution date and much more.
  • Tap into our existing userbase of DISTX holders – easily get many more token sale participants plus automatic distribution to DISTX holders.
  • Great exposure being featured in our upcoming and live token sale area.
  • Safe and secure – fully decentralised contribution and distribution contracts.
  • Contributors have the option of “mixing” their tokens, giving more incentive to buy more due to increased anonymity.
  • Raised ETH is automatically released once token sale goals are met. Choose your destination wallet(s) to receive the ETH into.
Major Benefits for DISTX Token Holders
  • Top 200 DISTX token holders receive a share of 2% of all tokens from token sales running through the DistX platform. Your share is proportionate to your DISTX holdings.
    Example: If you hold 1% of all DISTX tokens and a token sale sells 100M of their “ABC tokens”, you’ll receive 1% of 2M tokens = 20,000 ABC tokens, free!
  • 1% of all ETH raised through token sales on DistX is used to buy and burn DISTX tokens, making it a deflationary token.



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Adrian Daluz
Founder • Developer
Daniel Abela
Founder • Designer • Biz Dev
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