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How to list ICO at ICOholder.com for free?

Listing on ICOholder is free only for those ICOs which are considered by our specialist or partners to have potential of investing in these projects.

What should I do first if my ICO has been listed?

Make first update. You can use your ICO holder page as the official page for the presentation of your project. Verify your team. The first update is processed free of charge and takes 2 business days.

All following updates take about 10 business days. To reduce waiting time and prioritize your updates, order premium status by contacting us [email protected]

Is it necessary to verify my ICO project team?

It is highly recommended to verify your team. The ICO market is flooded with scam projects.

Find button «Publish ICO» in the upper right corner of ICOholder.com

Submit the form to get your pre-ICO or ICO published on the ICOholder. Please note that listing on ICOholder is free.

Publish ICO
1-2 days
ICO published!

How to add my ICO to ICOholder?

What gives me the addition to ICOholder?

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Check for SCAM

Checking your project by our anti-skam system. If your project is not scam - it positively affects investors’ interest. The fact that you passed our test is the indicator for all investors.

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Openness to the world.

Listing on ICOholder is free only for ICOs which were preselected by our specialists because of our interest for future investment in these projects. We analyze IСOs and provide the final report to investors. We also share this information on the basis of good intentions. The ability to add your IСO to ICOholder is an opportunity to provide information about it to a wide audience and find investors to your project.

Verify yourself as a member of the team (See the slide below for more details).

Сlick on the «Update» button of the ICO. It is located below the evaluation block.


Сlick on the «Edit Information» button that located near your ICO name.

Submit the form to get your pre-ICO or ICO updated on the ICOholder.

As we have a long queue of pending ICOs to be updated it usually takes 10 business days for us to updated your info. We make exceptions only for the first update. If you want your ICO to be reviewed before others:

1) Place icoholder widget or icoholder logo with our link at a ICO’s main web page and write us. For such companies waiting time is reduced to 5 business days.

2) Choose “Premium Status” package, 250 USD if you want to get audit, review and fast updates.

Ann Pietrzykowski
Founder and CEO
Edit Information

Paid Premium Status package (250 USD, all updates during 24h) + audit, review.

Priority application with widget (all updates during 5 business days)

Regular application (Free, but 10 business days)

ICO updated!

How to change or update the information about ICO?

What should I do to verify the members of the team?

Each team member must verify his or her participation on their own. Send the link to your ICO page to the team members. Everyone needs to click on the red button "unverified". After that each member of the team can leave a couple of lines about oneself and his role in the project.

Find and click on the widget button on your ICO page near the rating block:


Select the banner code and place it on your website.

How to generate an ICO widget and publish it on my website?