Will Cryptocurrency Ever be Used for Lottery Gaming?

Will Cryptocurrency Ever be Used for Lottery Gaming?

Many people will think of lottery gaming as a very local pastime. Players will head down to their local agent and buy a ticket for the upcoming game that is taking place in their state or country.

However, things are beginning to move, with more options for players and this could eventually lead to cryptocurrency being used to pay for tickets, which may ultimately lead to a crypto jackpot on offer somewhere.

How the Lottery World is Changing

We are seeing a shift in how people play the lottery, and where they play it. The best online lottery games are now available for players from all over the world to play. If you don’t want to play your local game, you want to play more or you don’t have a local game to play then this is where online lottery games can really help you, and numbers are growing.

People have the option of what they want to do. Those who don’t have a local game can finally get involved in something they have seen happen around the world for many years, but something that has been inaccessible.

Those who want to take their lottery gaming a little more seriously have struggled to do so in the past because the games are just on a weekly or twice-weekly basis. Now, with the ability to play in more games, they can play on a regular basis, just like people who enjoy other types of gambling like sports betting or casino gaming.

Lastly, there is the fact that big name games, with huge life changing jackpots are now open to all. Draws such as the Mega Millions and US Powerball which take place in the USA can now be played by people from anywhere in the world. If you already live there and want something different then there is the Euro Millions from Europe, another draw known for offering big jackpots from time to time.

How Will This Lead to a Crypto Lottery?

With people from around the world looking to bet on games elsewhere, payment options are key. Eventually we could see cryptocurrency offered as part of the service, meaning players can play with a currency they feel comfortable with, avoiding exchanging their funds or being charged fees to play.

Should we get to this stage, people would be playing online worldwide lottery games and paying in different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and more. As this settles, and becomes normality, those who are playing with these currencies probably won’t mind if their winnings were paid out in them.

This opens the door for someone to create a new crypto lottery, either focused on one currency or accepting multiple. It would be open to players from all over the world, with tickets bought online, meaning it would be run in exactly the same way as some lotteries are now.

Right now, this doesn’t seem an idea people would instantly rush for, but if regular lottery gaming provides a small build up, then it could well happen in the future. 

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