Why It’s Sometimes Worth to Waive Online Casino Bonuses?

Why It’s Sometimes Worth to Waive Online Casino Bonuses?

By now, we’re sure you’ve heard all about the rise of online gambling and betting sites. They’re cool, have thousands of games, and various player perks.

So far, it sounds like online casinos are the best deal ever, right? Especially when their generous casino bonuses enter the picture!

Well, in reality, the situation isn’t all that simple. Even if we put aside some scam operators and focus on the good things only, there are some things to consider. Players mostly get attracted to the bonuses, and that’s why we’ll focus on them too.

In fact, we will explain why staying away from online casino bonuses is sometimes your best choice.

Not Available in Your Country

There are so many gambling sites, it’s often overwhelming to choose where to play. The list of online casinos counts over 4,000 websites and keeps growing. Yet, this market doesn’t come without any restrictions.

Not only are there geographical restrictions about what countries are accepted at casino platforms, but there are also ones applying to bonuses specifically. Put differently, you may be allowed to join an online casino but not to claim and use the site’s bonuses.

If you fail to read this fine print and move on to claim the bonus, nothing good will come out of it. When the operator discovers, they will surely refuse to pay out any winnings associated with the bonus and possibly shut down your account.

Bottom line, if the bonus rules state that players from your country aren’t allowed to claim it, just skip that offer.

Doesn’t Allow Playing Your Favorite Game

When online casinos promote offers, you will mainly see everything that makes them attractive.

Get 200 free spins! Get a $1,000 casino bonus! And other stuff like that.

What you won’t see are the restrictions associated with the games. A fun fact is that table games are generally more generous than slots and video poker machines. To protect their interests, online casino operators often ban consumers from wagering bonuses on table games. Live dealer games also belong in this category.

Even if the bonus allows you to play such games, their wagering contribution is typically much lower. Simply put, you would need to wager a much bigger amount of funds to clear the bonus.

To sum up, let’s say you enjoy roulette and blackjack, for instance. If the rules don’t let you play such games with bonus funds, it’s smart not to claim the bonus. Playing with your small deposit may turn out more profitable than locking your funds up in a bonus that’s impossible to wager.

Overly Restrictive Rules

Since we already mentioned restrictive rules, that’s another thing to watch out for. There are two primary things to note – the minimum deposit amount and the wagering requirements.

The first may impact your budget. For example, you want to play with $10, but the bonus requires at least $20. In this case, it’s out of your budget, and you should avoid it.

The second requirement imposes requirements on how many times you must play the bonus and deposit the amount before cashing out. Online casinos often impose unrealistic expectations and, in a way, prevent you from getting anything out of the bonus deal. Wagering requirements over 30x are restrictive and should be avoided.

Another thing to note is the time you have to wager the bonus – the longer, the better. Also, if there’s a max cash out, don’t overlook it.

Bonus Is Fine the Casino Isn’t

Sometimes, it really feels like you hit the jackpot with a bonus offer. It lets you play all the games you like, the playthrough requirements are solid, and there’s nothing to stop you.

Or so it seems.

If a casino bonus deal looks too inviting, there may be a reason to be worried. What we mean is – the bonus may be good, but the casino that offers it may be a scam. In fact, one of the ways such suspicious gambling sites attract users is through generous bonuses.

As a rookie player, you may be too invested in how generous the deal seems. Moving fast to sign up and claim the bonus, you may forget to do your fact-checking. You should never join an online casino before you check out whether it holds a license, what kind of reputation it has among other players, and what games it offers.

If your chosen casino bonus is offered by an operator that doesn’t check all the safety and fairness boxes, stay away from it. It really doesn’t matter how appealing it seems. In the end, you’ll likely end up regretting it.

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