Where You Can Use Your Bitcoin?

Where You Can Use Your Bitcoin?

When people think of Bitcoin, they usually think of it as a form of currency. In other words, despite Satoshi’s vision- the term cryptocurrency has been commonly used to describe digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. This isn’t surprising given that there is no actual physical version of the coin nor is there any centralized authority controlling it. You can essentially send or receive ‘money’ with anyone anywhere in the world at any time without paying too much  with only minimal transaction fees (or none at all). But apart from  buying  Bitcoin with fiat money, where else can you use your Bitcoins?

In this blog, I will tell you where you can use or utilize your bitcoin for a beneficial purpose.

1 –   Use bitcoin as payment for your service

You can use bitcoins as a form of payment for your product and/or services and many people do and they get paid in Bitcoins. There are many online jobs that you can choose from, there is Upwork , Freelancer , Fiverr etc. where you can offer small services to earn some BTCs or rather work on sites like these, where you only make money when somebody uses the skills  that you listed on your profile (e.g writing, designing web page, marketing strategy etc.). For more information  visit website Of course the payment will be done through Bitcoin itself which is sent straight to your wallet address after completing an order with someone else. This is great because it makes it harder for third parties such as Paypal to take their fee on it. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that this can be risky especially if you are dealing with less experienced users who might not pay you your due amount when the job is done.

2 – Use Bitcoin for online shopping

Yes, there are online shops exactly like any other shopping websites such as eBay and Amazon where people sell products. However, unlike these normal shops here, everything is paid with BTCs . There are no banks involved or anything of that sort- it’s simply a website where the seller will give you his wallet address and once he receives payment from you in Bitcoins, he sends the product directly to your address without involving a middleman in between which ultimately saves time and money both for the buyer and the seller.

E-commerce companies are also beginning to accept Bitcoin as a form of currency  as it is now becoming an increasingly popular trend.

3 – Use Bitcoin for traveling

Yes, not only can you use bitcoin as a payment method but there are actually some airlines who have started accepting it as well! There are currently few airlines that allow you to purchase your flight tickets using your BTCs . You can view them below:

4 –  Donate Bitcoin to Charities

There are many charitable organizations that allow you to donate your Bitcoins to them. Whether it’s for funding their projects or simply for helping those in need, there are several options where you can choose from. Just visit the website of the charity organization of your choice and find out if they accept Bitcoin as a form of donation. If so, follow the given instructions on the website on how to donate BTCs  to them.

4 – Use Bitcoin for online gaming

Yes! You can use bitcoins for playing games online as well- even though it may not be very popular yet but some people do play games using their Bitcoins , either by gambling with fake money or against other players using real Bitcoins . Here is one good example of a website where you can play games using your Bitcoins .

5 – Use Bitcoin for buying/selling goods

If owning some bitcoins isn’t enough for you then maybe this option might interest you- use them as a payment method when purchasing goods. This is very similar to option number 2 but in this case instead of selling your products or services directly for BTCs  you will be exchanging it straight into fiat money. Many people are now doing this and they even have their own local bitcoins (a website) that buyers and sellers can exchange BTCs  for cash. It’s like a conventional currency exchanger however it allows you to trade your Bitcoins . Another good example of using Bitcoin for buying/selling goods is Bitmit , an eBay-like website that uses Bitcoin as their main currency.


We can see that Bitcoin is not just an investment source but a very useful and practical currency as well. The more it gains popularity the more we use it for our daily needs such as shopping, traveling and even doing business.

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