What to Look out for when doing Online Gambling with Cryptocurrencies

What to Look out for when doing Online Gambling with Cryptocurrencies

Crypto is the latest tech advancement to take the world by storm. It offers a huge range of potential uses and that is what makes it so impressive. While some are currently using it as an investment method, it’s also taken the online gambling world by storm. We’ve taken a look into what’s available to you in the a crypto gambling  world and what you need to look out for in order to keep safe.

Crypto Casinos

Crypto casinos have shot up over the last couple of years. Offering players the ability to enjoy online gambling without having to link up their bank account, it’s a very popular way of playing for players who want to retain some privacy.

Crypto casinos do tend to have some aspects that are slightly different to regular online casinos. Firstly, the game choices that are offered tend to be smaller. This is mainly due to compatibility issues. Not all casino games are compatible with crypto. So if the site you’re choosing to play at is fully crypto, then you won’t be able to play a complete roster of games. However, you can play provably fair crypto games at some crypto casinos. These are titles that use the blockchain to take data and prove that the game has used a truly random number generator.

Secondly, not all crypto casinos are regulated. This can provide some issues, especially when it comes to security and safety. It does mean that players have to be aware of what’s in place when playing at a crypto casino.


As already mentioned, the number of games that are available at crypto casinos tends to be smaller. This is due to compatibility issues. So you might not be able to enjoy the entire roster of casino games that you’re used to. However, there are some benefits that are in place that offset this, as well as some workarounds offered by some sites.

Firstly, the ability to play provably fair games means that players have access to some unique games at crypto casinos. These tend to be heavily simplified titles that don’t offer the flashy visuals of standard casino games. What they do offer is the ability to verify the fairness of the game. It’s hugely important to do this and it provides crypto players with fairer games and better peace of mind.

Secondly, some crypto casinos don’t operate completely as a crypto casino. What it does is it takes a deposit in crypto, but then converts it instantly to a fiat currency. This will then give players access to the complete selection of casino games. However, this isn’t a legitimate crypto casino and so for true crypto players this doesn’t provide the right service.


This is the biggest aspect that players look for when playing at a crypto casino. Because crypto allows for deposits and withdrawals to be made without providing too much personal information, anonymity can be provided at some crypto casinos. This will obviously make it much easier to play without giving away your personal information. It’s not all crypto casinos that offer this feature though, some crypto casinos will still require Know Your Customer protocols to be carried out.

What to Look out for?

When it comes to knowing what to look out for, there are a number of important aspects that have to be focused on. The first aspect is the safety of the site you want to play at. If you’re playing at a crypto casino, especially one that doesn’t have regulation in place, it’s important to know how safe and secure it is. While it’s not always a sign of a dangerous crypto casino if there is no regulation, it is something that requires caution. If there is no regulation in place then it is important to look over reputable and trustworthy casino reviews. Here you will be able to find out if the site operates legitimately even though it isn’t regulated. This will make it easy to find a site that you can trust.

Next up the way that payments are handled is vital. If the site takes payments and then converts them to fiat currency, it removes a lot of the benefits of playing with crypto. While this will often provide a larger selection of games to enjoy, by removing the anonymity and potential to increase you crypto holdings, it means you may as well play with a fiat currency from the start rather than making a crypto deposit.


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