What Online Casino Bonuses Should You Get?

What Online Casino Bonuses Should You Get?

There is absolutely no doubt that online gambling is becoming more popular today, thanks to the advancements in technology that made the internet and gadgets abundant and more accessible. One particular type of online gambling that is played by millions of people around the world is the online casino, where you will have the opportunity to play legitimate casino games through your computer or smartphone.

In online casinos, you don’t have to experience the hassle of driving or traveling to the nearest land-based casinos just to play games like poker, blackjack, slot machines, and roulette, as you can just open your smartphone or computer, visit a trusted Online Casino, and play your favorite casino games there while you are at home.

Besides convenience, online casinos are also quite generous when it comes to giving out bonuses, which are used to get free or extra money on a player’s account. These bonuses are given for promotion or to encourage players to play more casino games on the website. There are various ways to get bonuses, and if you are unfamiliar with them, this article will surely help you know more. Here is a list of online bonuses and how to get them.

Welcome Bonus

One of the most common types of bonuses you can get in online casinos is the welcome bonus, which is typically given to people that have recently created an online account and logged in for the first time at their chosen online casino. A lot of online casinos would often market their website through welcome bonuses, as these promotional items would help encourage players to sign-up for an account.

What’s interesting about the welcome bonus is that it is arguably one of the biggest bonuses that you can get in terms of how much money you will receive from it. However, the catch is that the welcome bonus can only be collected and used once, so you will really need to take full advantage of it, which can be done by depositing a big amount of money on your account.

In order to activate a welcome bonus, you would first need to deposit money for the first time on your account’s wallet. The amount of bonus money that you will receive would depend on how much you deposited. For example, if you have a 100% welcome bonus and you deposited $20, you will receive a $20 dollar extra. So, it is important that you already deposit big on the first deposit so that you can also get a big welcome bonus.

Deposit Bonus

Another common type of online bonus to collect is the deposit bonus, which has similar mechanics to the welcome bonus, but the difference is that deposit bonuses are collected and used throughout your playing time in the casino instead of being a one-time deal. So, much like the welcome bonus, the amount of extra cash you will get from the deposit bonus mainly depends on how big you are going to deposit.

However, the deposit bonus is much lower in terms of percentage compared to the welcome bonus, so you shouldn’t expect to get a lot of free money from it. But, since it is given quite frequently, you can just use it again and again whenever you deposit money so that you will still get constant free money without any added cost. Luckily, getting deposit bonuses is relatively easy in online casinos, as they would usually market it on the homepage, or they would immediately give the bonuses to you on your account. So, don’t forget to collect and use deposit bonuses so that you will get a little bit of money for free on every deposit.

No-Deposit Bonus

Unlike the deposit bonus, where you will need to deposit money in order to activate it, the no-deposit bonus doesn’t need you to do the said actions, as already evident in its name. The no-deposit bonus is arguably the easiest bonus to redeem because you don’t really have to do anything to receive free money on your account. But, you do need to redeem the bonus by collecting it on the website or visiting a promotional page where you can get the bonus.

Because it doesn’t rely on deposits, the no-deposit bonus would typically already have a set amount of money that it can give. So, no-deposit bonuses would give you $5, $10, or $20 for free, and the amount won’t be adjusted or increased even if you deposit money in your online casino or sports betting account. Get these no-deposit bonuses while you can, as they are sometimes uncommon in trusted online casino websites.

Free Spin

The free spin is the type of online bonus that is exclusively used in slot machines, and this bonus will give you an extra spin or round in the game, which would then possibly lead you to have more chances of winning. Similar to the deposit bonus, free spins are fairly common in online casinos, so you can often get them frequently in trusted online casinos.

Although free spins can only be used in online slot games, they are regarded as some of the most valuable bonuses in online casinos, as it is known that slot games are the ones that give the biggest payouts for players. So, any extra spin or round that you can get from bonuses will be beneficial to raise your chances of winning a big payout. If you have the opportunity, it would always be best to collect free spins, especially if you are an avid fan of online slot machines.

So, these are the best online casino bonuses that you can get once you have a preferred casino website to play games in. If you haven’t picked a suitable online casino yet, make sure that the website you will be creating an account on is licensed and has good reviews from casino review sites and from forums where online casino players give their opinion about casinos, online sports betting, games, and other related topics.

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