What Can Crypto Be Used On

What Can Crypto Be Used On

Even for the most ardent sceptic, cryptocurrency is now impossible to ignore. No longer a fringe area of interest for tech enthusiasts, crypto is bigger business than it’s ever been and goes more mainstream by the day. Here are some of the innovative new ways that you can use crypto.

Buying art

NFTs and cryptocurrency are intrinsically linked, and both are growing in popularity. NFT stands for Non Fungible Token and artists use it to sell their paintings, writings, pieces of music, and even videos. Unlike the other options on this list, NFTs can only be paid for using cryptocurrency, so if you want to explore this area, you will have to purchase some coins, preferable Ethereum or Tezos, which are the two most commonly used in the space. Collecting art can be just for fun, a passion project, or even an investment. Many NFT collectors purchase art with the aim of selling it for a profit when the artist’s profile grows.

Playing at a casino

Online casinos are at the forefront of the cryptocurrency boom and were some of the earliest adopters. It’s completely possible to visit an online casino and deal only in crypto, an exciting proposition for enthusiasts. If you want to take your cryptocurrency for a spin, it’s useful to do a quick search of the best mobile casinos and then research which accept crypto deposits. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that most do. While Bitcoin will usually be the deposit option of choice, even that area is broadening. Other big currencies like Ethereum, BNB, and even meme coins like doge are increasingly being accepted by casinos online.

Going on holiday

After online casinos, you might be surprised to learn that hotels and airlines have been ahead of the curve with crypto. More than 300 airlines around the world currently accept payment in Bitcoin, and the list (along with the types of currency accepted) continues to grow. Better still, hotels have leaped aboard the crypto trend too. Pavilion Hotels & Resorts (which has properties around the world) is the latest in a long line of accommodation that can be paid for with Bitcoin. As the travel industry continues to light the way, crypto payments will surely enjoy the wider application in the years to come.

Grab a coffee!

It might not be the most exciting proposition on the list, but the fact that you can now pay for your morning coffee with Bitcoin is significant. Not only does it show the widespread adoption of crypto, but it also demonstrates a kind of “democratization.” No longer the preserve of investors and tech enthusiasts, anybody can now use the Bakkt app to pay for their Starbucks coffee. At the very least, this is likely to entice more people into the world of crypto, and even those who had never heard of Bitcoin a few years ago will be tempted to experiment with the currency. Starbucks certainly won’t be the last high street outlet to support these payments either, so expect a stronger than ever crypto presence in the near future.

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