Wallester as a card issuing partner for crypto innovators

Wallester as a card issuing partner for crypto innovators

Until recently, most cryptocurrency holders used it as one of the options for saving their capital or as an opportunity to make money on the difference in exchange rates. Now digital currencies have begun to be actively used as a full-fledged means of mutual settlement. Another trend in recent years is consumers’ active use of plastic cards to pay for basic commodities, goods and services in retail outlets and online stores. Companies that want to be leaders in their industry must consider both of these factors and ensure that their customers can actively use innovation. The Wallester platform can help them do just that. 

Wallester is a reliable partner for innovators.

Traditional banking institutions have not yet fully embraced the promise and relevance of cryptocurrencies. However, only in the U.S. 14% of residents own some digital currency and want to not only store it but also use it to pay for their purchases. More flexible fintech companies, which quickly adapt to new life realities and easily implement innovative solutions, will be able to provide users with such an opportunity promptly.

With Wallester’s unique platform, technology companies can create convenient cryptocurrency programs for their customers. It will allow them to seamlessly access their cryptocurrency balances, instantly convert them into fiat money and use them to make their usual everyday purchases. On the platform, they can issue debit and credit cards and manage their limits, currency types, frequency, and duration of use.

Who has already used the Wallester platform?

One of the first to benefit from the launch of the cryptocurrency card program from Wallester will be customers of the world-renowned cryptocurrency trading platform KuCoin. It has a daily trading volume of over 2 million U.S. dollars, with six hundred cryptocurrencies and more than 45 fiat currencies. The exchange is one of the top five cryptocurrency exchanges, according to CoinMarketCap, and its exchange platform is used by more than 10 million people worldwide.

KuCoin adheres to some essential principles:

  • Striving to respect the financial market.
  • Focusing on users.
  • Setting ambitious goals.
  • Working in the right direction.

The exchange seeks to respond quickly to market changes and engage in practical cooperation to achieve mutually beneficial results.

All the above information shows that KuCoin is a global player in the crypto business and chooses its partners responsibly. KuCoin exchange has chosen the Wallester platform to launch card programs, which will be used to issue revolutionary virtual and physical payment KuCard cards in the EU market.

Benefits of KuCard

The cards issued by the KuCoin exchange allow you to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat money online. Digital currency can be stored on the card balance and spent as needed without replenishing your fiat account. KuCard can be paid for anywhere. Visa cards are accepted in any retail outlet worldwide.

By paying with KuCard, you can get a lot of bonuses, take part in promotions, and get discounts and additional cashback on your purchases. KuCoin exchange gives all its cardholders personal prizes, which will be announced individually. KuCard supports Apple Pay and Google Pay, making everyday payments more convenient and easy. Individual limits can be set on the cards, allowing you to make purchases and control your spending without fear.

To receive KuCard, users must register at the KuCoin exchange, verify their identity, and confirm that they are residents of the country that supports KuCard. Currently, the card can be used to pay for purchases in cryptocurrency USDT, BTC, and KCS. The list of cryptocurrencies available for payment will only grow.

The issue and service of KuCard are free for the client. The owner may be charged a fee for converting cryptocurrency into fiat money when making a payment. The exchange is made at a rate beneficial to the cardholder since there are no unnecessary intermediaries.

With Wallester’s platform, cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin will be able to issue cryptocurrencies to its customers instantly and provide them with seamless access to their digital wallets to pay for goods and services. It is a new digital banking experience for today’s crypto innovators.

Why Wallester?

Crypto innovators can follow the example of the KuCoin exchange and partner with Wallester. It will allow them to launch card payment solutions for their crypto projects quickly and comfortably, thereby expanding the list of services for their customers. Ready-To-Use platform will enable them to issue multifunctional virtual and physical cards with an exclusive design, which will help improve brand recognition and increase customer loyalty to it. 

With the Wallester platform, crypto innovators can reach a new technological and customer service level. In addition to the fact that their customers will be able to use cryptocurrency to make daily purchases, they will be able to do so as securely as possible. They will be able to order tokenized physical and virtual cards with a PIN code of their choice and manage them through a mobile app. In the app, they can change their PIN, set limits, and view the card number and CVV code.

Thanks to a convenient REST API, the Wallester platform integrates with any I.T. system, optimizing existing payment systems and creating new programs.

The market is now seeing fierce competition among fintech companies, which means business success awaits those who can offer customers more innovative and personalized solutions. The Wallester platform allows the production of branded physical and virtual cards with an exclusive horizontal or vertical design. It will emphasize the uniqueness of the brand. The design concept is developed jointly with the client. As a result, we have an original product that can distinguish any company from its competitors.

The Wallester platform allows not only to issue cards but also to conduct business analytics. With its help, you can evaluate costs and analyze where and how often customers use them. You can get extra income from the cards if you set various commissions for their holders. For example, you can establish a monthly fee for card maintenance, withdraw money from ATMs, change cards at ATMs, etc.

You can set up an instant notification system to inform customers about their card transactions. It works in real-time through Push notifications, SMS, and other communication channels for the company’s business processes.

Another advantage of the Wallester platform is the high security of payments made with the cards it issues with PCI DSS Level 1 certified — the most stringent PCI certification possible. Depending on the specifics of the business, the client can choose the most appropriate method of user verification. Setting up 3D Secure to suit their needs will simplify cardholder identification and not compromise the security of payments. 3D Secure technology supports all cards issued through the Wallester platform, so customers do not need to integrate third-party security protocols.

By taking advantage of Wallester’s innovative card issuing platform, any fintech company will be able to increase its customer base, increase company profits and become more competitive.

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