Virtual Gambling and Cryptocurrency

Virtual Gambling and Cryptocurrency

Technology plays a vital role in the evolution of currency and gambling. Its influence made it more convenient and versatile. Since blockchain was introduced in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, it has become very popular with many high-end companies which include online casinos.

The online casino itself has been introduced in the virtual world to be more convenient to punters who want to wager in a faster but more comfortable way. Uusimmatkasinot, one of the famous casino sites in Finland recently presented Nopeat Kasinot or Fast Casinos in Finnish. Their aim is to make the gaming experience more fitting and smooth on the part of the players especially in withdrawals of the winnings. If interested, feel free to visit the casino site indicated.

Definition of a Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is defined as a digital currency that serves as real money when buying goods or paying services online. It acts as a medium similar to ordinary money but in an electronic form by using encryption. This happens to ensure the security of the user.

What is a Blockchain?

Cryptocurrency works for blockchain. A blockchain serves as a digital ledger that holds all lists of data blocks which comprise important transactions like Bitcoin and others. It is decentralized and guarantees the safety and clarity of the transaction records.

The function of Cryptocurrency to Online Casinos

Cryptocurrency is beneficial to virtual gambling industries because it provides privacy. Digital wallets indeed provide security therefore you can use them with your monetary online casino transactions. However, since e-wallets are connected to a clients’ personal account in a bank. However, some banks are quite conservative and some restrict their clients and some indicate in the terms and conditions of the bank with regards to using money transactions in gambling. Hence, it can affect your credibility in the bank. Online gamblers who are using cryptocurrency don’t feel they are liable to any financial institutes while keeping their privacy.

The next best thing about cryptocurrency is its velocity. Compared to digital payment schemes which would take a bit of time (depending on the e-wallet) Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Etherium are efficient and fast. Players automatically get their winnings immediately sent to their crypto wallets.

Security is an utmost requirement in gambling at the casino site and payment scheme. Blockchain ensures that the digital asset of the user has a unique identifying code and is encrypted which makes it difficult for cyber theft or scammers to modify. In fact, blockchain payments are considered the safest compared to regular currency transactions.

Another best thing about Cryptocurrency in the online casino is it is non-taxable, doesn’t require transfer fees or service fees. Players can get their winning money in full.

Downside of Cryptocurrency

  • Fiat and legalities are limited which means that some cryptocurrencies need to be converted to major ones such as Bitcoin or Ethereum and it is not free.
  • It is not considered nor recognized as a real-money currency anywhere in the world.
  • All users are given a private key to their wallet. If you lose the key then all your data and coins are locked and can no longer be retrieved.
  • Users have to be careful with their transactions because once it is transferred to a wrong wallet by mistake, it can no longer be canceled or refunded.
  • There is a possibility that cryptocurrency can be used in some illegal matters because it is not highly monitored.

Types of Online Casinos which accepts digital currencies

1.    Bitcoin only Gambling Site

These casino sites accept only Bitcoin.

2.    Hybrid Bitcoin Gambling Site

This type of online casino accepts Bitcoin and other currencies as well as other payment options such as e-wallet and conventional banking schemes.


Cryptocurrency is like your cash on hand – it is like liquid. It has no inhibitions or limits. As long as you have enough cryptocurrencies available and the casino site allows it, then you can wager to your heart’s content.

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