Trading Bitcoin Made Easy With Trading Simulators

Trading Bitcoin Made Easy With Trading Simulators

Simulator games are pretty popular. They let you drive trucks, race, and do all sorts of crazy stuff. In a sense, all games can be described as simulators since they simulate a virtual reality for gamers to enjoy. It’s a form of escapism that we can thank the gaming industry for.

This is an industry that adapts well to change because it offers players various kinds of games and simulators. It has been doing so throughout the ages and it has the experience to do so in the future. By adapting to tech and other trends it has enhanced the gaming experience for many new and old gamers. By doing so it has evolved into a mobile gaming industry.

Bitcoin is another current trend that the industry was aware of. It incorporated it and it created the new crypto gaming market. This happened in 2017 with CryptoKitties the first-ever crypto game. Developers got down to work and made sure that there were other games on the market. Some of them are trading simulators that can help you learn Bitcoin trading. If you’re looking to make Bitcoin trading easy, then here are a few such apps:


Teaching all the different aspects of Bitcoin trading is something only a few apps do. This is the case with Niffler as it not only teaches buying and selling assets but also going long, shorting a position, using leverage, and more. With that said, you’ll have a complete set of skills for Bitcoin trading after playing this game. It not only covers Bitcoin but other cryptocurrencies as well. The more you play it the better off you’ll be. On the other hand, if you’re not looking to learn anything, you can always find a trading platform like to do the trading for you.

As this is a platform you’ll need to put your input and let the algorithm trade in your stead. With that said it’s obvious that you’ll need an account to access Bitcoin Fortress and you’ll also need a small deposit to have something to trade with. Then there are a bunch of tutorials you’ll need to go over so you can better understand the settings of the platform. When you’re done learning and training, you can adjust the settings and take the first live session with the platform. Then you can make your own decisions.

Bitcoin Mining Profit Calculator

If it’s you’re still learning about Bitcoin, then Bitcoin Mining Profit Calculator is the app for you. It’s a simple and educational browser game that will teach you the basics of Bitcoin trading. With that said it plays like a text adventure and it will give you various kinds of prompts and you’ll need to deal with them. Also, it will supply you with the information you need to learn about Bitcoin and trading with it. That’s why it’s worth a shot or two and after some time with it, you’ll be a competent Bitcoin trader.

Altcoin Fantasy

Just like Niffler, Altcoin Fantasy is the kind of simulator that offers several popular virtual currencies to trade with. Bitcoin is included and so is market analysis which is an essential part of making good trading decisions. You’ll also get lots of competitions to participate in and if you win, you’ll get a proper reward in the form of real Bitcoin.


Yes, you’ll need the skillset but you’ll also need other things to be a Bitcoin trader. You’ll need to get a Bitcoin wallet from the many available online and you’ll need an online exchange to trade in. Being informed about the ups and downs of Bitcoin if you’re looking to make the right trading decisions.

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