Top Valuable Lessons You Can Learn from Video Games

Top Valuable Lessons You Can Learn from Video Games

Do you know that playing games can make you a better person? We are speaking more specifically about video games.

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Now, things kind of become opinionated when it comes to the connection between the mind and video games.

The typical viewpoint about video games is that these aren’t good for the brain; hence they are a negative scapegoat – especially in terms of how video games make you lethargic, aggressive, and even socially distant.

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Nonetheless, while we aren’t here to debunk any of the negative connotations associated with video gaming, we believe that many of the negative aspects have less to do with video games and are more of an outcome of a series of other environmental and social pressures.

Let us proceed to see how video games can help you establish healthy personal and social habits.

Read on to learn more!

Learning to be Patient

Now, you all will agree with the fact that video games teach us never to give up. You might have noticed that over time our society has moved more and more towards a state of overabundance and instant gratification.

Just think about the typical behavior when it comes to how we shop, eat, and experience life in general. We have countless options at our fingertips when it comes to ordering coffee at Starbucks alone. And look at how fast things get delivered – everything seems to be just one click away.

Now, this isn’t necessarily a good thing as it teaches us patience and all things that take time to accumulate to time that has been wasted.

That said, while the media hastens to paint video game players as people who are infused with rage and slam down their controllers to the ground if their game isn’t going exactly the way they want it to – the truth is that video game players face too many deaths, game overs, and even losses.

Now video game players learn to overcome their losses rather than make them the source of rage. This way, video games can teach us an important lesson about life, which is mainly that in life, loads of things won’t go our way and that failing is actually okay.

Failure gives us new hope and the opportunity to try again and keep trying until we nail it.

Learning Better Social Skills

We all know that video games come with the option of multiplayer, which is an efficient way to build and strengthen social skills.

Another multiplayer scenario is that these lobbies can be filled with the potentially worst examples of humankind racism, homophobia, sexism, and so much more. It could make any decent human being sick to the core.

However, this aspect doesn’t apply to all video games. Multiplayer can be some of video games’ most rewarding and important aspects for potentially positive social developments.

On an individual level, video game multiplayer has allowed many people to connect with like-minded people who share the same passion for video games. One might never meet the people in real life as they are from all around the globe – but once the camaraderie is formed, they become the people you would certainly trust and care for.

Promote Creativity

If you have played Minecraft and other video games, you already know what we are talking about. While many video games out there allow players to destroy in high-definition, other video games, such as Scribblenauts and many more, encourage them to turn their creative mode on and create in a multitude of different ways.

In fact, in the most popular games, such as Minecraft and Scribblenauts, creation is the game’s main thrust, placing the players in a situation where they can effectively build their own experience. This aspect means that the players can literally only get out of the game what they use/ do as their input.

This way, video games aren’t limited to what the players play but also how they play it – hence, video games promote creativity.


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