Top 5 ICO Gambling Projects

Top 5 ICO Gambling Projects

Finance and cryptocurrency are tied together making people so enthusiastic to think about investing by using one of the popular digital currencies. One of the in-vogue fundraising options used by the startups that provide services and products associated with blockchain and cryptocurrency is Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). 

This fundraising method is similar to IPO (Initial Public Offering) but with ICO the funders won’t become shareholders in your business. ICO projects take part in the development of the gambling sector and today, many gambling ICOs are available. If you like gambling and looking for interesting ICO, here are the top ICO gambling ventures that you can choose.


Designed particularly for the regulated online gaming industry, CasinoCoin is a digital currency established to promote safety and transparency in non GamStop gambling. This coin was developed in September 2017 by the CasinoCoin Foundation. As the platform isn’t on GamStop and uses the advanced Ripple blockchain technology, its tools and features are designed to meet the requirements of the offshore regulators, non GamStop casino operators based in the UK, and GamStop users. In fact, with CSC, they will experience improved, quick, secure transactions along with financial traceability and transparency. 

The advanced anti-money laundering technology also enables the users to make a smooth and fair money-transferring process. Through its features created in KYC and AML, this innovation provides a high-level of consumer protection and compliance. The regulated gaming operators will, therefore, be able to access unexploited sources of the gamblers whose KYC has already been verified.


Wagerr is one of the world’s leading decentralized sportsbooks released in 2017 by CEO David Mah. This blockchain-based network is dedicated to a safe and secure option in the sports betting industry. In addition, Wagerr uses distributed blockchain technology to execute betting contracts by verifying the results and paying out the winners. Powered by the WGR token, Wagerr is focused on lower betting fees and fair and transparent bets on sporting events. With this platform, the best betting experience in entire anonymity is ensured. 

This network uses the Application Specific Smart Contracts (ASSC) designed specifically to execute bets on all sports events. Furthermore, the Oracle Masternodes established by Wagerr will update game results by recording the live sporting event data and the outcomes on the blockchain. This money-transferring system is bundled with innovative anti-money laundering technology to detect and prevent this common practice in the online gaming industry.


As its name suggests, FunFair is the leading provider of blockchain-powered casino technology that provides an endless secure and transparent casino experience at any time and anywhere. Launched on January 1, 2017, FunFair is a Blockchain for gaming established by iGaming veterans and tech aficionados Jeremy Longley, Jez San, and Oliver Hopton. This unique platform uses advanced technology that has offered a fair and decentralised gaming platform permitting the gamblers to verify the authenticity of games before playing. 

Since its creation, this oversight system has become one of the largest platforms in the gaming area. Powered by Ethereum, FunFair provides complete transparency and security in the casino. What’s more, the token FunFair (FUN) offers a quick and efficient method of transactions in a short duration.


Another token that specializes in blockchain crypto casinos is Peerplays. This decentralized entity was released in 2017 to enhance the players’ gaming experience by offering them secure and transparent bets. This gaming blockchain actually uses Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) system to provide the quickest and the most decentralized blockchain option to the gamblers. No third-party operators are involved when using Peerplays. 

In blockchain-based gaming, the users should use a Peerplays solution to enable them to design their own specialized tokens. They can also sell or buy tokens for the well-used cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin or Ether and then, bet these tokens in on-chain games. The transaction processing is very fast with more than 10,000 transactions every second, enabling gamblers to interact simultaneously.


The TrueFlip Token (TFL) was designed in 2017 by an international team of professionals who are competent in creating crypto betting projects and managing Blockchain-based ventures. This worldwide blockchain lottery system was established to develop a project that is decentralized and transparent to the public. Lottery known also as “The Biggest Jackpot on the Planet” , is different from the traditional lottery games because the players don’t need to identify anyone and the minimum payment level is very low. 

As the lottery has remained a popular gambling activity, TrueFlip allows the players to make bets anonymously and mind that the process is associated with no authority or central governing body. The users can obtain TFL tokens from several cryptocurrency exchanges including HitBTC, CoinSwitch, Etherdelta, and more.

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