Top 5 Cybersecurity Issues You Need To Be Aware Of In The Crypto World

Top 5 Cybersecurity Issues You Need To Be Aware Of In The Crypto World


As the world is shifting its approach more towards digitalization, cyberattacks have become a common occurrence. In fact, after 2018, we have witnessed some of the most horrific data breaches of all time.

It goes without saying, the advancement of technology is making hackers smarter as well. Furthermore, these cybercriminals select their victims carefully. They target individuals and firms with shallow security measures.

Every day we read news related to cybercrime activity. Phishing, ransomware, and IoT based attacks are some to be named. However, 2021 has come with new levels of cyber threats that individuals and firms need to consider.

Cybersecurity Issues You Need To Consider In 2021

According to bitcoin-pro live, the coming years are going to be tough on the people in terms of cybersecurity. Experts believe that the following theme is three key issues that individuals or firms might face.

  • Disruption: It is very important that you understand your dependency. Over-dependence on the internet can sometimes create problems as cybercriminals use the internet to infiltrate other platforms.
  • Distortion: We trust AI technology more than anything, but what if these AI technology powered Bots can be controlled by hackers. They can mislead you by doing things that might cause data breaches.
  • Deterioration: Rapid demand in the technology and lack of resources to cope with the demand might negatively impact the enterprise’s ability to control the flow of information.

The concept of cybersecurity is all about keeping yourself ahead of the threat, not maintaining or solving them after being affected by it.

1. Cloud Vulnerability

The Oracle threat report states: vulnerability is and will be a major cybersecurity challenge. Perhaps the major cause for this is the enterprises storing all their sensitive data in the cloud storage system.

Businesses adopted cloud technology to get rid of the limitation old storage caters to. However, after adapting to cloud technology, it has been seen that cloud technology has its own set of issues.

2. AI-Enhanced Cyberthreats

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning have been the most disruptive technology over the last decade. Artificial intelligence has gone through several phases and has brought significant changes in the following sectors.

  • Marketing Services.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Security.
  • Supply Chain Management.
  • Health Care Department.

It has also proven itself a boon for cybercriminals as well. The AI technology designed to identify cyberattacks can be used by the cybercriminal. In fact, AI-Fuzzing and Machine Learning posing is just a new set of problems that will become bigger issues in 2021.

3. Machine Learning Poisoning

Machine learning is a good thing. It allows the machine to educate itself from the user’s actions. However, what if a hacker hacked into a machine learning model and injected instruction into it. If that happens, the whole system will be vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Machine learning is all about gathering data from the users and taking action according to the data results. This feature of machine learning can be exploited by hackers to stimulate traffic, internal information, satisfaction rating, etc.

4. Smart Contract Hacking

Smart contracts are one of the best digital agreements you can make. In fact, they are used on a large scale in investments and trading markets. A smart contract is an encrypted agreement that executes itself when all the terms and conditions are met.

Smart contracts are created by encryption of code. This where cybercriminals can take advantage of smart contracts. Since smart contracts are a new technology, only a few people know how it performs.

Take Away

Today, when technology advancement is on the front seat, Cybercriminals are always looking for new opportunities to exploit. In fact, very advanced technology is being used by these fraudulent activists.

In light of this fact, businesses and individuals should be cautious and mindful about ever-growing vulnerabilities.

We hope that this information could enlighten you about the new type of cyberattacks that might happen in 2021. Was this piece of information helpful? Do let us know.

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