The most notable differences between crypto-oriented bookies and those who use regular payment options

The most notable differences between crypto-oriented bookies and those who use regular payment options

The online betting business has never been as advanced and popular as today. You can come across a variety of websites that offer different things, but we can divide them into two big groups, depending on the payment options they provide. For example, bookmakers who are mainly crypto-oriented, such as Stake are notorious for their flawless betting platform that offers unique things. On the other hand, the standard online bookies use the “good old” payment solutions, such as credit cards, digital wallets, and bank transfers. By browsing the site of this bookmaker you will find many interesting options as well as great stake codes to get bonuses.

Everyone knows that the main difference between the two types of gambling platforms is the available payment solutions. However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t any other differences bettors have to take into consideration. On the contrary, crypto bookies have many unique things that differentiate them from standard bookies. Hopefully, this betting guide will help those who want to learn more about the two types of platforms.

Some crypto bookies have a more futuristic design

Everyone interested in cryptocurrencies knows that those things will become a lot more popular in the future. Of course, online bookies like Stake are also aware of it, which is why they want to make sure that they provide their clients with a fantastic betting experience. One of the ways of doing this is by giving them access to a unique website design.

Stake’s site looks very futuristic, especially compared to some of the regular betting platforms. The space grey background mixed with a couple of bright colors makes it looks contemporary.

If we take a look at the standard companies, we can notice that most of them don’t pay that much attention to the design. Those places usually have loyal clients, which is why they prefer to invest funds into other departments.

The design of a given online betting operator is not that important to some people, but others feel better when they use a special platform. Hence, some punters prefer to focus on crypto bookies like Stake because it just looks better.

There are differences in the sports betting markets

Those who have been involved in sports betting are aware that bookies should provide people with plenty of sports, good markets, and competitive odds. Consequently, people always check those things before picking a given brand. The same applies to those who wish to use Stake, one of the top-tier cryptocurrency bookies.

Although the sportsbooks of those kinds of sites might seem similar on paper, a close look at them will reveal some differences. The most important one is related to their number. Even though crypto bookies might provide thousands of options for some sports that people bet on, like football, most companies focus on quality rather than quantity. Hence, there are not that many markets to choose from.

Even though having the chance to pick from more options is definitely a plus, in reality, most of them are not worth it. Their odds will seem impressive, but it will be almost impossible to predict them.

Unfortunately, some crypto bookies have fewer features

Aside from the sports betting markets, another difference between crypto betting websites and the standard options is related to the features. There are a couple of things you can utilize on pretty much every online bookmaker. For example, you will be able to wager on live events and settle your bets when you want to, thanks to Cash Out. Unsurprisingly, those two things are accessible on

The bad news is that finding other betting features among crypto bookmakers is usually a challenge. There might be some places that provide things like edit bet, but most companies do not have those things. Hence, customers may be required to use a standard online bookie to access specific option

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