The Biggest Tech Investment Stories of 2021, According to the Experts

The Biggest Tech Investment Stories of 2021, According to the Experts

The market appears to be showing signs of recovery despite pandemic turmoil. With vaccination efforts now being rolled out for frontline workers and vulnerable people, there is a light at the end of what is still, undeniably, a very long tunnel, but a light nonetheless. Tech companies and stocks were some of the highest-performing throughout the pandemic, especially those related to remote work, dating and online shopping.

Many of the tech stories that began in 2020 will continue to unfold throughout 2021. Below are the biggest tech investment stories of the new year, according to the experts. 


Cryptocurrencies already generated a considerable amount of buzz during the close of 2020 and the press is likely to continue. After hitting record highs in 2017, the crypto market lost a tremendous amount of value in a short period of time. But the end of 2020 once again saw large gains and renewed investment industry buzz.

Monetary policy and the devaluation of the USD are driving institutional interest in Bitcoin, which could spell good news for a number of major coins. There are several crypto stocks out there which look well-positioned for major activity in the coming weeks and months. 

Michael Burry and Tesla

Tesla is a major story for many reasons. Founder and iconic CEO Elon Musk is undoubtedly one of the world’s most recognized and talked about individuals. He appears on Joe Rogan and makes controversial statements on Twitter. Tesla’s cars and charging stations are common sights throughout advanced countries around the world. 

But one of the most iconoclastic investors of the 21st century believes Tesla is poised for a major devaluation. Michael Burry, the now-famous California-based MD-cum-hedge fund guru, who was one of the first to correctly understand and predict the 2008 housing market collapse, has been shorting Tesla stock since at least early December. If Burry’s analysis is once again correct, the demise of Tesla could be 2021’s most scandalous tech investment story. 

Bumble’s IPO

Dating App Bumble, which was co-created by a former Tinder employee, has long been a popular alternative to what is often viewed as its seedier, and at least (from the perspective of many women) overwhelming progenitor. Bumble allows women to make the first move and now boasts some 100 million global users. The combined number of users throughout the company’s various app offerings, however, is closer to 600 million. 

Bumble reportedly has IPO plans for sometime in mid-February, with a potential value somewhere in the range of 6-8 billion dollars. While the pandemic has upended dating to a degree, dating app usage has actually risen over the last year, which bodes well for Bumble and is potentially huge news for investors. 

Walmart Edging Away at Amazon

Most casual newsreaders likely know that the pandemic and our reliance on online purchasing have made Amazon one of only four trillion-dollar tech companies. Amazon is now a dominant player in a wide range of consumer markets and its plans are clearly to be the number one provider of all things to all people. 

2021 may be a surprisingly good year for Walmart investors, however, as the company recently and successfully rolled out Walmart+. Walmart is still the biggest physical retailer in the world, and with the addition of Walmart+ and Walmart-sized deep pockets that will allow it to continue to make real headway in the market, Amazon’s position as the world’s dominant online retailer may come under threat in 2021. 


2020 was a year of volatility, once in a century uncertainty, and likely unprecedented economic disaster, which many experts predict could have permanent effects on global markets. But there are winners and losers in both good times and bad. The above four stories are not the only investment stories of 2021 that are already making waves, but they are four of the most talked-about throughout the industry and ones to keep an eye on as the new year trudges along. 


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