Tezro Payment System

Tezro Payment System

The main idea of Tezro Payment System is sending, receiving and exchanging crypto and fiat currencies in milliseconds. The transfer of funds is implemented on the 3rd generation blockchain technology, which allows sending and receiving money from different parts of the world several times faster than modern Visa or MasterCard payment systems in more times. The speed of processing transactions is several thousand transactions per second. What is the fastest indicator in the world among payment systems

Preferences of Tezro Payment System

The Tezro payment system is a modern, distributed alternative to the SWFT system. Thanks to the implemented functionality of distributed payments, it allows:

  • exchanging crypto and fiat funds in fractions of seconds, or approximately 15000 exchange transactions per second;
  • perform an exchange thanks to an AI-bot-marketmaker;
  • requesting payments in crypto and fiat funds like PayPal system. The developed distributed blockchain system will allow you to make the most secure payments;
  • The developed Tezro functionality for issuing Invoice payments allows you to make payments among b2b clients. Issue invoices to some users and get guaranteed payment to others thanks to the functionality of secure escrow payments;
  • the escrow payment functionality allows users to safely make payments among individuals and each user can be sure that his payment will be credited to the account and will be refunded in case of unfair behavior of buyers;
  • The Tezro system supports various crypto and fiat currencies, including: bitcoin, Ethereum, tether, EOS, BNP and many others. Users can transfer instant transactions to each other in fractions of second
  • Tezro allows merchants all over the world display goods on the platform in several seconds. Because of using crypto currencies, Tezro gives merchant an opportunity to achieve much more clients all over the world
  • DeFi function of Tezro allows users to invest in different DeFi-projects according to the most profitable strategy. DeFi AI algorithms gives an opportunity to invest without loss
  • Tezro price-tag function allows users to create tags to theirs Instagram posts and products. That’s why it’s the most convenient way to sell products
  • According to Tezro Stream Service, merchants all over the world have an opportunity to sell their online products in offline channels. Users can make storis of their products and sell in using live stream function.

To sum up, Tezro is the newest, most secure alternative to the Swift international payment system, which facilitates payments between users and companies from different parts of the world in a matter of fractions of a second.


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