Staking with Exclusive Coins, Masternode Coins, Wave Coins and Neblio

Staking with Exclusive Coins, Masternode Coins, Wave Coins and Neblio

While some are shying away from the crypto trading market for its high volatility, others are investing in staking, one of the most lucrative and safest ways to make money with crypto. Blockchain technology is growing very fast and bringing with it more ways to earn money online.

Staking is simply buying and holding cryptocurrencies in a crypto wallet, which earns you a percentage profit. It is safe because, unlike with banks, you keep ownership of your assets. Staking was derived from the blockchain concept of Proof-of-Stake, which enables a blockchain network to validate transactions and secure its ecosystem.

Today, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies with a real market value, and simply by staking one of them, you earn, raise its value, and increase your future earnings. It is a win-win situation that anyone can benefit from, simply by supporting a blockchain project through its native token.

While these thousands of coins are all cryptocurrencies, they are hardly similar, and the fact that they are different is a good thing because they will help you diversify your staking portfolio and increase your chances of earning more money.

This guide will cover masternode coins, ExclusiveCoin, Wave coin, and Staking with the Neblio blockchain. These three employ unique staking mechanisms that you can leverage to grow your earnings, whether it’s through passive or active staking.

1. Exclusive Coin (EXCL)

Exclusive coin is cryptocurrency is a 5-year old masternode coin that is easy to use and built on the principle value of protecting your privacy. Its blockchain network can be hosted by several types of masternodes, including SNODE, NODEHUB, NODESHARE.IN, and PECUNIA PLATFORM.

Running an Exclusive masternode requires a minimum of 5,000 EXCL, which is about $106,507. Exclusive coin has its primary wallet, the Exclusive Coin Wallet, which is available for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux operating systems.

Other than running a masternode, which requires a substantial initial investment in coins and other physical gear, you can stake EXCL through shared masternode services. Only a few staking services offer EXCL staking conveniently, especially for beginners, and one of such is MyContainer.

2. Masternode coins

A masternode is a server or node that supports another blockchain networking by performing tasks such as validating transactions and providing an additional layer of security to the network. 

Masternodes provide a solid foundation to a blockchain network by forming strong points in the network. Many blockchains have adopted the use of masternodes to run specific tasks on their networks.

The underlying concept of masternode is staking, because in order to run masternode in a certain network, you would need to buy and hold a large amount of that network’s cryptocurrency.

For instance, Dash, the first and most famous masternode, which is a derivative (hardfork) of Bitcoin’s blockchain network, requires 1000 DASH, which is equivalent to over $760K. That is a big commitment for a beginner investor, especially one who is looking to create a passive income.

However, people run masternodes because they can earn you substantial returns. On Dash, the network reward is divided between the masternodes, miners, and the system budget. Masternodes get 45% of the reward. This trend, where the masternode earns more, holds for other blockchain networks that support the running of masternodes.

If you don’t have such an amount, do not worry, as you can still stake on a Masternode without having to worry about running your own. This is possible through staking pools or staking services that will let you stake the amount you have and earn a proportionate reward according to your investment.

Since masternodes earn more in a network, joining a staking service or staking pool increases your chances of receiving a bigger reward. There are many masternodes you can choose to stake with using different staking services or staking pools.

How to Choose and Stake a Masternode Coin, Stress-Free

There are many masternodes, and you can find details about them on tracking platforms such as the to find details about prices, Market Cap, or trading volume.

Once you decide which one to invest in, you can proceed to choose a staking pool service, some of which provide you with additional ways to earn more money. If you’re looking for the best coin acquisition for exclusive coin masternodes, check this site out.


2.   Waves Coins

Waves is a blockchain platform that offers other developers a platform to create their own cryptocurrencies and native tokens. This makes it easier to s quickly create customized tokens for various reasons like trading or crowdfunding. Therefore, people do not need to establish their own blockchain networks to support their cryptocurrencies.

Waves provides its own staking services through its Waves Decentralized Exchange, where users can buy or exchange cryptocurrencies using either other cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

Staking on waves is easy, and it helps to secure the network and expand it for more developers who want to develop tokens for various reasons. You can decide to either run a full node, or stake through an established full node and earn a percentage of its share from the network’s rewards. You can sign up on Wave’s Exchange, or alternative staking services including MyContainer. Looking on how to buy wave coins? Look no further and visit this site.

  1.   Staking on Neblio

Neblio is a blockchain network that also uses the Proof of Stake consensus protocol for its native token NEBL to provide decentralized applications and services for enterprises. These include supply chain management, record-keeping, identity management, gaming, and asset tracking. On Neblio, people can also be able to tokenize both digital and physical assets and use them for various purposes.

Neblio runs and secures its network through staking and rewards stakers with newly minted NEBL tokens. Each staker earns a reward depending on their coin-age (how long the coins have been held in NEBL wallet) and how many NEBL tokens are in the staking group (masternode) that was chosen for staking. If you stake continuously for a year with NEBL, you can grow your initial investment by as much as 10%.

Neblio does not set a minimum number of NEBL needed to be a staker, but the more coins you stake, the higher your chances of staking and getting a staking reward. After buying and holding coins, Neblio activates the wallet for staking after 24 hours. Additionally, Neblio requires the stakers to unlock their wallets and mark them for “staking only,” to join the staking pool.

These coins show you just how flexible staking can be and why there is no reason to shy away from cryptocurrency investments anymore. The more stakers a network has, the better it is for both investor rewards and for the network’s security. 


Blockchain technology is still in its infancy stages, and this is the best time to start staking with various platforms since exchanging most of these coins from fiat is affordable. The more you stake, the more you can get familiar with other opportunities in staking and grow your passive income or decide to become more actively involved by investing more, especially with masternode coins. If you want to know more about Neblio staking, feel free to visit this site.

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