SKAFLIC: The Revelation of E-commerce

SKAFLIC: The Revelation of E-commerce

SKAFLIC is a unique crypto market for buying and selling equity for E-commerce shares. Our project is promising and a relatively new one. It was created in Dubai in March 2022 due to huge changes in the world of cryptocurrency. SKAFLIC aims to change the world of investment by developing an innovative marketplace to trade equity of online stores. We are a third party project that provides investment opportunities to our investors so our reputation is the most important thing, however, for the online store owners we provide the best solutions in the market for securing databases. 

Shops which have already used blockchain technologies in their work have experienced all their benefits and privileges, such as transaction security and reliability, low fees and fast payments. In general, a wide range of opportunities and services lie ahead for E-commerce businesses. In  everyday life more and more people prefer online shopping  than in person,  and crypto payments is an essential technology now and in the future. All stores should be ready for this. Our store platform will give store owners the ability to publish their financial statements online throughout our blockchain and that will raise their reliability in front of their investors. On top of that, our blockchain cuts almost 50% of accounting costs and will eliminate the need for accounting firms. 

That said, we offer the first market in the world to trade equity and a new concept of investment that provides growth opportunities for online stores. Any online store which has a product that is manufactured by the store owner and owns the intellectual property rights to their product may use our platform. Our platform is open to all companies from Asia, Europe and America. However, SKAFLIC does not cooperate with dropshipping platforms, stores which sell drugs and related materials, pornographic materials and related tools infringing intellectual property rights, and companies which buy and sell weapons and explosive materials. SKAFLIC highly appreciates its clients and is comprised of online stores with impeccable reputation. 

To participate in SKAFLIC ICO, one needs to create an account on our site, connect a Metamask wallet with a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $5,000. Currently for this phase the price of the token is $0.01 however maybe it can be changed in the nearest future. For more information you can follow SKAFLIC YouTube playlist

Thanks to the ongoing success of the project, we have huge plans for the future!

In the very near future, SKAFLIC sees itself as a service company that serves over 100,000 online stores worldwide and has a market value in excess of $400,000,000,000 billion. The SKAFLIC success is evident since there are no equivalents of the market for trading e-stores equity in traditional finance and the crypto world. 

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