Rigel Protocol Reinvents Giveaways with its NEW Gift DApp

Rigel Protocol Reinvents Giveaways with its NEW Gift DApp

Rigel Protocol recently released its brand-new Gift DApp. The Gift DApp is the next decentralized application on the Rigel Protocol Road Map which is developed to allow users to win prizes and send gifts to their friends and followers.

“Rigel Protocol was designed to bring new solutions to the DeFi space. We’re a Decentralized protocol that aims to give to the community access to several instruments to expand the adoption of Blockchain technologies in daily life.” claims the project’s whitepaper.” Various DeFi products are introduced, such as: cross-chain operations, token swapping, yield farming, margin trading, and many more. All these features are built to provide a wide range of opportunities for the users to profit from the platform.”

The project focuses on 4 key values: – Privacy, Lower Risks, Cheaper Transaction Fee and Financial inclusion. Keeping this vision of growing and nurturing blockchain and their community intact, they’ve put a revolutionary foot forward with the introduction of a new Decentralized Application that enables users to send gifts and host giveaways in the most sophisticated way imaginable.

Rigel Protocol Gift DApp changes everything

Rigel protocol Gift DApp is a revolution that helps you create fun ways for followers and users to get rewards. It not only fulfills the need for a major rehaul in gifting, but also provides users with the next generation safety, usability and reputability of blockchain technology. People have the opportunity to create rewards as an Influencer for their followers or as a Project for their users. They’ve endless benefits for everyone, influencers: who can get the opportunity to become more reputable and popular by giving away free crypto to their followers; and for projects: who would like to reward their users and supporters with gifts in a fresh and entertaining way. To get started with the new Gift DApp, go check out this video here.

Prizes worth $10,000 to be claimed

Rigel Protocol also has very exciting news for all crypto enthusiasts. The project is set to launch a range of competitions for the first Gift DApp users, both crypto projects and influencers. The prize pool is greater than ever before, being upwards of $10,000! The participants would be required to create events on the new application and the users will be rewarded based on a variety of parameters. Click here to learn more about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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