Provably Fair Casinos VS Online Casinos

Provably Fair Casinos VS Online Casinos

Internet gambling is no longer a novelty. For over 25 years, lovers of gambling entertainment can use the services of online casinos. There are companies that monitor the integrity of gambling sites, but there are still users who do not trust anyone and want to see for themselves that the casino is not cheating. They are looking for all kinds of methods to verify the games. One such method includes Provably fair, based on cryptocurrencies and claimed to be a new technology in the field of gambling.

It would seem that during the existence of gambling houses in the Internet, control and regulatory organizations and ways to find out the honesty of the gambling site have already been formed. But there are still players who are not sufficiently aware of the signs of a reliable casino and find themselves on the resources of scammers, where they are cheated either during the game or the withdrawal of money, not allowing them to get their winnings. And there are simply distrustful players who suspect any casino of cheating, no matter how many positive reviews there are and no matter what position in the rating of gambling sites it occupies. Perhaps they like not even so much the process of the game as the analysis of the credibility of the results.

But that’s not the only reason why the checking algorithms were created, but also as a substitute for certificates and licenses for cryptocurrency casinos. The fact is that a gambling resource based on blockchain technology does not comply with the laws of almost every country, because ideally such a gambling site should adhere to the principles of cryptoanarchy: to observe complete anonymity and not to collect any information about the client. The client and the service provider are only in contact with cryptocurrency address numbers when the player deposits an account and buys betting tokens, and then sells and withdraws his winnings. No identification and verification of accounts. Because of this, the regulatory authority cannot give such an operator a license.

As for regular online casinos, they use a license to prove the honesty of their actions. It is issued by certain organizations that inspect casinos. But any changes can be made after the inspection of the controlling organization, so it is impossible to be completely confident in honesty.

Briefly about Provably Fair Algorithm

Provably fair in online casinos is a method based on cryptographic hash functions, offered to the visitor as a check of fair play. 

In order to check the integrity of the casino with the help of Provably fair player will need several values:

Client seed – a sequence of numbers that the client sets,

Server seed – sequence of characters generated by the server,

Nonce – the number of bets in the game.

Then, having data from both client and operator sides, the system generates the result of a round. The Mersenne Twister is used to generate pseudorandom numbers. The result of instant generation is calculated before the game and the player is able to see it after making a bet. And the absence of interference from the institution is evidenced by the coinciding initial and final caches.

Most Popular Provably Fair Casino Games

Think of bitcoin casino games and there’s almost certainly a provably fair version of it. Whether its table games, slots or poker, provable fairness has taken off to the benefit of players worldwide.

If you’re after crypto classics, most of these have been built with provable fairness in mind. You’ll be able to find BTC Dice, Roulette, Plinko, Crash and others.


Provably Fair technology is extremely important for games like online dice. All dice draws are conducted in strict accordance with the requirements of the Provably Fair algorithm. At the end of a round, players can check all rolls without exception, using a special script, which is published after each draw.


The computer model of the wheel is a list of tiles in the order they appear. A pseudo-random number generator is used to decide where the roulette wheel will stop, and there are three factors involved:

The server seed – The ‘Result’ and a random number called ‘Secret.’

The server hash – It is displayed as Hash(Result + Secret) and is the fingerprint of the server seed.

The client seed – The player’s personal input. For Bitcoin Roulette, it is a chance to include an extra spin to the wheel.

The casino randomly chooses a number for you, but you can also choose a number from 0 to 36. The initial server number is hidden in the server hash code and is revealed at the end of the spin. A pair of server and client starting numbers is used to generate the lucky number.


To play a Plinko game, simply enter your bet, choose how many bits to drop, and select a prize row.

The numbers on your prize row indicate how much your bet will be multiplied by if it’s hit.


This bitcoin game is very popular with those players who want to feel the thrill and tickle their nerves with high stakes. Bitcoin game Crash works like this: there is a driving scale and your bet. You make a bet in bitcoin or other crypto. Then the scale (or chart) starts moving up. The higher it goes up, the greater your bitcoin winnings. However, you don’t know when the scale will collapse (stop). And your goal as a player is to cash out your bet before the scale drops. Of course, it all seems easy, but it’s only at first glance. After all, when there’s 0.5 BTC at stake, it’s no fun anymore.

The Bitcoin game Crash does not use the old methods to check the fairness of the game. That’s where blockchain comes in. Therefore, it is believed that the bitcoin game Crash is a provably fair bitcoin game.


Provably Fair Technology essentially works the same across all gambling forms, but there are differences between each game. For slots, a computer model is used to assign a random number to each slot designation (the more reels, the more random numbers used).

Another random number is generated, known as the Secret, and is used to create a fingerprint for that individual spin (called the Result). All of this is conducted by hashing the data with the Provably Fair standard SHA-256 hashing algorithm. This information is given to the user for them to test at the end of the turn.

Before that, the player has the opportunity to add their own effect to the game by selecting a random number, furthering each reel by that designated number. This number is unknown to the house. At the end of the game, the player has all the information required (Secret, Result and player’s own input value) to verify the fairness of the game.

If all the hashes matchup, you can rest assured there was no tampering with the game result. Players can either utilize an in-house Provably Fair testing widget or an independent hash calculator.

Reasons to Play at Provably Fair Casino

Over the past years, there have been some innovations in digital technology, which allow us to take a different look at the methods of verification through algorithms and really make sure that gambling sites are honest. 

A full-fledged cryptocurrency (BTC) casino that fully applies blockchain technology in its operation is able to provide the player with much more data than a classic online gambling resource. This, of course, is their undoubted advantage.


The first is the difficulty of understanding the method, which allows the explanation of its application, to draw attention away from other aspects accompanying the gambling entertainment provided through the Internet.

The other is that on such gambling sites it is customary to give the result for each game. Such a data table is usually present, but without confirmation that this data comes from the blockchain and not from some additional script.

Three – if a site is calculating in cryptocurrency, it does not mean that its work is based on blockchain technology.


Like any new business, cryptocurrency gambling is currently developing dynamically, and the market is far from being substantially redistributed. But rapid growth will inevitably be followed by the emergence of major players and the formation of business rules, primarily interaction with government regulators. 

Concerning blockchain casinos, including Provably fair, there are many more nuances, which must be taken into account and elements that must also be understood.

The Internet provides a full range of services for the gambler of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Play with pleasure, but don’t forget that casinos have ruined many famous people.

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