OptimizeFunds Review- A New Era In Online Trading Platforms

OptimizeFunds Review- A New Era In Online Trading Platforms

If you are acquainted with the world of financial trading, you would definitely be aware of the role online trading platforms have to play. The online trading arena is full of brokers offering various kinds of trading facilities.

We decided to investigate OptimizeFunds, a fast growing set up.

OptimizeFunds Defined

OptimizeFunds has made a name for itself primarily as a leading provider of CFDs (Contract For Differences) and Foreign Exchange Pairings.

A global brokerage house with offices in key cities worldwide, OptimizeFunds has quickly made a name for itself in the online trade sphere.

OptimizeFunds Products Offering

OptimizeFunds provides access to majority of global markets with major asset classes such as:

  • Commodities
  • FX pairings
  • Indices
  • Shares/Equities
  • CFD’s
  • Cryptocurrencies

OptimizeFunds Client Base And Support Options

OptimizeFunds’s ever growing client base points to its customer retention rates. This means that whoever chooses  OptimizeFunds stays with them.

Customer support takes precedence in everything they do. They are accessible to their clients 24/7 via phone, email or web chat.

OptimizeFunds Transparency

They have a relationship of trust with their clients. Hence, all their fees and commissions are mentioned clearly on their website. There are no hidden charges or spreads. Due to regulatory compliance needs,  OptimizeFunds reserves the right to verify its client base. This may mean request for identity documentation.

OptimizeFunds Trading Platform

OptimizeFunds has a trading platform accessible via two mediums:

  • Mobile App
  • Web Trading Space

They initially started out with a web browser application and then slowly eased into a mobile application to support investors with on the go trading needs.


Type Of Trading Platform


Mobile BasedAll Trading Products AvailableFast ExecutionCan Make Withdrawals From The App
Web BasedAdvanced Charts  and WidgetsPersonalized Desk spaceCan Fund And Make Withdrawals

Commitment to Research and Development

A key thing that sticks out for customers and visitors to OptimizeFunds’s trading platform is their commitment to developing new and advanced trading features for their clients.

This includes rolling out updates and bug fixes regularly to ensure the platform optimization is not impacted.

Furthermore, OptimizeFunds is quick to introduce new trading products for its clients.

Similarly, their global presence is testament to them expanding into new geographical locations without a physical footprint.

Are There Any Disadvantages of Trading With  OptimizeFunds?

Although it sounds too good to be true, there can be some downsides with choosing  OptimizeFunds.

  1. Withdrawal charges: high charges for low withdrawals including a service charge.

OptimizeFunds insists that it regularly rolls out new features and investors will get what they have requested for frequently. Similarly, withdrawal charges are to encourage clients to build up a substantial amount or even reinvest with the platform before withdrawing to their accounts.

The Demo Account

OptimizeFunds was one of the first brokerage houses to offer a demo trading account to potential investors. The idea is to acquaint new and expert traders to the platform dynamics.

Potential investors have the ability to fully immerse themselves into how an actual trading experience looks like with  OptimizeFunds.

Why OptimizeFunds?

OptimizeFunds supports its trading platform with a robust architecture. This includes superior risk management and proper authentication and analysis features.

OptimizeFunds And Cyber Security

In today’s day and age, data breaches are routine. More often than not, our computers and laptops are victim to cyber attacks. Even our workplaces, with elite cyber walls, are not exempt to attacks from hackers. This is also the case with online brokerages.

However, OptimizeFunds has invested in a robust cyber security detail. This not only thwarts any attempts at infiltration of data, but also prevents any future attacks from the same location.

If this excites you, contact  OptimizeFunds via their website today and learn more. The demo account can be accessed free of cost with no commitment.

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