Online gaming and blockchain: a market in continuous growth

Online gaming and blockchain: a market in continuous growth

In the past few years, online gaming reached an all-time high for growth. Thanks to a very low barrier to enter the market, it’s very easy for companies to get into this industry. What you need is an online platform that offers live casino, slot machines and other casino games.

Lately, thanks to the development of blockchain and the awareness that consumers have toward bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, many people are approaching crypto gambling.

In fact, online casinos are now building their platforms with the blockchain innovation or they are adapting with cryptocurrencies payments. These new features, let’s call them like that, are getting enough attention from players to bring enormous revenue back to the casinos as they are providing a new level of transparency. The whole market, not only in gambling, is approaching a more transparent way of operating.

After several types of research, we’ve found that on you can find a list of online bitcoin casinos. Those gambling houses are offering games, promotions are crypto games that are transparent, anonymous and legal. At any time players can check the fairness that casinos have towards them.

Innovation is the keyword for the gambling industry as more the future is pointing that way, various investments are leading in that direction with higher ROI.

Meanwhile, normal online casinos are still receiving their affluence of customers but sooner or later the new generation of gamers are going to take over the old one, increasing the standard of the market and driving new and constant innovation in order to keep up with the technology.

What is the real value for the consumer?

Players from all over the world can definitely enjoy a more reliable and secure way of gambling. With blockchain-based casinos, the consumer has the benefits of the security, plus a faster process in transactions as they are more digital and fewer controls are needed.

We can say that online casinos are facing a challenge in adapting to these new requests coming from the user.

While if casinos are not going to adapt, they won’t last long because the competition will adapt faster and get their slice of the market. Big brands for sure will keep their share but long-tail businesses are the future and crypto gambling is part of it.

Another important thing to mention is the ability of crypto casinos to get their own cryptocurrency. Meaning that an ICO is always behind the corner and investors can have the possibility of becoming part also of the casinos’ revenues plus the value of the cryptocurrency. A double-side of the investment is possible but at the same time, a higher risk is present for all the stakeholders involved in each project.

In conclusion, we can say that more operators will approach this market and more competition will come for everyone. What will distinguish those that will have success is their offering… does this mean that if you offer more will be better? It really depends on what you want to achieve with your business the same thing with bitcoin casinos.

If you provide great service will eventually keep your customers and increase the share of the pie in your market and become a leader by driving further innovation and higher standards. Definitely, the rise of the price in the last weeks of bitcoin will help in strengthening this growth.

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