NFT Hype with KimJongMoon delivering exclusive services in the crypto world

NFT Hype with KimJongMoon delivering exclusive services in the crypto world

KimJongMoon is arising as a top NFT in the crypto community due to its diverse distinguished characteristics features. The exclusive NFT library went on sale to the general public on November 14th and 17th.

The NFT token is a digital asset registered on the Ethereum blockchain. There are, however, numerous different blockchains available. All of this excludes NFTs from being lost, destroyed, or stolen. The blockchain can be used to validate the NFT’s authenticity and ownership. This method is equivalent to blockchain used for various financial transactions and even supply chain tracking. Whenever traders buy an NFT, they are fundamentally acquiring a digital token that serves as proof of ownership on the blockchain.

With the implications of the crypto world in mind, KimJongMoon created a one-of-a-kind token for its committed users. Crypto enthusiasts can now start buying their KimJongMoon Club NFT as this is now available. They have established a remarkable portfolio of one-of-a-kind and memorable NFTs in collaboration with the IT agency VUSE.

The KimJongMoon club launched the exclusive NFT Collection on the 14th of November. In addition, the public presale was streamed live on the 17th of November.

 KimJongMoon Club’s art is dynamically generated, exceeding 250 potential attributes such as outfit, expression, headdress, and various other options. Many NFTs, however, are attractive, whilst some are harder to discover.

KimJongMoon NFTs represent more than a unique digital collectable; they represent the membership club card, granting each user access to The KimJongMoon Club. This club offers exclusive access to NFT holders only, implying that NFT holders should link their metamask to Discord.

Prior to joining the club, the KimJongMoon bots check that the user has a KimJongMoon Club NFT. If they pass this check, Discord username will receive a colour and a badge, providing a unique spot within The KimJongMoon Community.

Besides the social benefits, buying a KimJongMoon NFT has various financial privileges.
A free KimJongMoon NFT airdrop with secondary market value is available to loyal shareholders; they are whitelisted for NFT projects released during the NFT launchPad. Additionally,  traders are awarded 2-5 per cent of the profit generated by the company’s own NFT launchPad.

The KimJongMoon NFTs is kept as ERC-721 tokens and hosted on IPFS on the Ethereum blockchain.  Users that bought one of the KimJongMoon Club NFTs during the first hour of release paid 0.06 ETH per NFT and 0.08 ETH after that.

KimJongMoon is a unique and exciting coin operating on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. The notion of the token was sparked by the concept that governments and banks should keep apart from people’s incomes and wealth.
If you want to find out more details, join the
Kim-munity and Discord and go on a journey to Mars!

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  1. Hi admin i m late about swaping v1 into v2 it is now i m informed about that but i have a good memory that when you wanna announce the v2 i was in the telegram group and you said us to write César and submitted our v1 adress contract when the v2 will start we will receive our v1 converted in v2 like airdrop. It is now i see the deadline of swaping is ended. As César told me i didnt receive my v2. Now admin what to do to get v2 token. Sincerely help me

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