Mythical Games Set For Blockchain-Based Game Première

Mythical Games Set For Blockchain-Based Game Première

Mythical Games has announced the launch date of its “first blockchain-based game on the EOS blockchain.” According to the company’s official tweet, gaming enthusiasts can expect the premiere to be early next year.

The firm, which recently secured a total Series A funding of $16 million, announced that the funds were used on the EOSIO blockchain development. The Series A funding, which was led by Galaxy Digital EOS Venture Capital Fund, also had support from the Divergence Digital Currency, Fenbushi, OKCoin exchange, and Javelin Venture Partners.

Mythical Games also tweeted that its blockchain-based game will be about “collectibles of vinyl toys brought to life.” The company does not appear to be stopping at this game, however. It has said that it is also building PC, console, and mobile games on the EOSIO blockchain. This venture by Mythical Games is in line with its resolve to use games to increase the adoption of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

Furthermore, the company revealed its plans to make its platform available to other developers interested in creating games with economies owned by players on the EOSIO blockchain. According to Mythical Games, developers, players, and content creators will be brought together on the platform. Through this, it believes that “a new era of games will be spawned by verifiable scarcity, true ownership of digital assets, and integrated secondary markets.”

The team behind Mythical Games is made up of experienced veterans in the gaming industry. For example, CEO of Mythical Games John Linden was a studio head at Activision. Jamie Jackson, his compliance officer was also a colleague at Activision. Rudy Lock, the company’s head of blockchain was a senior producer at Blizzard, makers of World of Warcraft.

Speaking on the company’s foray into the blockchain, John Linden stated that Mythical Games will work as both a publisher and a game studio. According to him, the company will achieve this feat by collaborating with other developers interested in developing “in-game economies.” He further added that “[t]hese player-owned economies might be as simple as using blockchain to tokenize game objects.”

To summarise

Gaming enthusiasts will not have to wait for much longer as the first ever blockchain-based game will be launched early next year. Mythical Games, the company behind the game, tweeted on its official Twitter account that the game will be about collectibles of vinyl toys, which have been brought to life. The company, which recently secured a Series A funding of $16 million, also announced that it was building PC, mobile, and console games on the blockchain.

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