Metatrader4- Key Features Of The MT4 Platform You Should Know As a Trader

Metatrader4- Key Features Of The MT4 Platform You Should Know As a Trader

Forex trading is an activity that has been made popular by the spread of the internet and the growth of the freelance economy. Forex trading was once a preserve only of large finance companies. Banks, financial intermediaries, and other players in the finance industry controlled the forex market.

Once it was liberalized, it became open for everyone to join. Being a highly lucrative activity many traders joined in the forex market. This was as a result of seeing day traders make high profits repeatedly. This has in turn enticed more and more people to start trading.

A major feature of forex trading is a trading platform. The Metatrader 4 platform is the most popular with both brokers and traders.

Here are some key features of the platform that has made it the most popular forex trading platform.

Been in Use For A Long Time

The platform has been in use in the forex market for over fifteen years. For years, the platform has been a favorite for both brokers and retail traders.

Many platforms have come up since it was first introduced, but none has been able to dethrone it as the best and favorite forex trading platform.

Its developers have discontinued its support and introduced a newer version. However, it is still the most preferred trading platform. It gains new users every day leading to low uptake of the newer MT5 platform.

Easy To Use 

Another key feature of the MT4 platform is that is easy to use. MT4 doesn’t have as steep a learning curve as other platforms. It has an easy to use and understand interface. You can quickly navigate the platform to analyze your trades with charts and candles.

It is also easy to make trades on the platform. You can also easily set your take profit and stop loss levels on the MT4 platform.

Has A Large Community

The MT4 platform has a large community of developers who help to grow it. This developer community develops programs and robots that help traders to trade automatically, offer market signals, and customize the platform to a trader’s individual needs.

This developer community and the many things you can do on the platform to make trading easier, has led to its popularity and growth. The newer MT5 platform doesn’t support these additional features and thus many traders don’t want to move to the newer platform. Which is more advanced technologically.

Technical Analysis

The MT4 platform has many built-in indicators to help traders with technical analysis. These indicators also come with a graphical interface that allows you to visualize what your indicators show. To help you make the best decision in your trades.

These technical analysis helps you to identify trends, set up your trades, enabling you to see as the price moves up and down. Helping you to make the best decisions and enable you to make profits.

Security And Convenience 

As a trader, you need to ensure that your money is safe and protected. You need to ensure that your profits are not stolen as this risk stands when trading online.

One of the key features of the MT4 platform is its high-level security. The platform is highly encrypted to ensure that it is secure and safe. Forex brokers can’t access accounts of their clients and communication between the two parties is encrypted.

The MT4 platform can’t be easily hacked. This is one of the key reasons that many traders and brokers still love and rely on the platform to trade, even with its old technology.


Metatrader 4 platform has impressive features to allow for successful trading. It has advanced features to help you analyze the market, make good trading decisions, and protect your profits. Further, it is easy to learn and to get started on it. The MetaTrader 4 platform will help you to succeed in your forex trading.

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