Metacade Announces Partnership with BitMart Exchange And Passes $9m Mark In Its Crypto Presale

Metacade Announces Partnership with BitMart Exchange And Passes $9m Mark In Its Crypto Presale

Metacade (MCADE) is widely considered one of the best new crypto tokens on the market, and the project is gaining momentum. The team recently announced that the MCADE token will be launched on the BitMart exchange as the $9m mark was hit during the crypto presale.

So, what does all this bullish news mean for the future of Metacade, and could it be one of the best new crypto projects in Web3?

Metacade crypto presale is off to a flying start

The Metacade crypto presale has now attracted $9.4m in just 15 weeks, with investors scrambling to get involved in the platform during its earliest investment rounds. Experts predict significant returns for the new token over the coming years, as Metacade delivers a comprehensive GameFi experience to users across Web3.

As one of the best new crypto projects in the blockchain gaming sector, the excitement around Metacade is growing. The team continually builds upon prior successes and recently announced that the MCADE token will be listed on the BitMart exchange when the crypto presale is over.

Exchange listings can be extremely bullish moments for the best new crypto tokens, as listings increase exposure and can raise demand for digital assets. After several sell-out crypto presale rounds and a brand-new exchange listing, Metacade is gearing up for major price movements in the coming months.

Can MCADE reach $1 in 2023?

The Metacade platform is one of the best new crypto gaming hubs on the blockchain, expected to attract many users when it launches. This is scheduled for later in 2023, which, combined with the BitMart exchange listing and rising hype around the project, could produce explosive gains for the MCADE token.

Experts are forecasting a $1 price level for MCADE before the end of the year. This would be a 50x price rise from the end of the presale, where the price will be $0.02 per token. Since MCADE initially launched at $0.008, a $1 price target is a monumental 125x return on investment for first-round participants in the Metacade crypto presale.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is the first community-driven arcade on the blockchain and the biggest project of its kind. The platform will offer its community the largest collection of online play-to-earn arcade games, ranging from classic titles to some of the best new crypto games in the blockchain space.

As well as this, Metacade will become a hub for the entire Web3 community, offering a central location to meet up with investors, entrepreneurs, and gamers alike. The community hub will display the latest trends in the blockchain gaming space and connect Web3 users like never before.

How does MCADE work?

The MCADE token powers the metaverse arcade, with each play-to-earn arcade game offering integrated financial rewards to players. These games can be played casually or competitively, as Metacade offers both Play2Earn and Compete2Earn mechanics.

By posting on the platform and sharing information, content creators can generate MCADE tokens too. The Create2Earn feature rewards users for their community contributions, ranging from writing game reviews and sharing alpha to interacting with other users on the platform.

Metacade is also creating new jobs for crypto enthusiasts. Work2Earn will connect blockchain users to paid roles at some of Web3’s hottest start-ups, including several of Metacade’s partner projects. Candidates can apply for freelance roles, beta testing gigs, and full-time positions from 2024 onwards.

Metacade brings the best new crypto games into the metaverse

Metacade is truly taking GameFi to the next level, offering a vast range of services that go beyond the metaverse arcade. With integrated earning mechanics underpinning Metacade’s offering, it is already a popular option for crypto presale investors.

Metacade, a community-driven project, allows its users to vote for the best new crypto game ideas. The most in-demand play-to-earn titles will be provided with a Metagrant to help in the development process, which can help expand the number of titles that can be found in Metacade over time.

MCADE crypto presale: Is it worth buying?

The MCADE crypto presale looks to be one of the best investment opportunities of the year, as Metacade could become one of the best new crypto projects on the blockchain. Its vast offering can serve many users and an appealing incentive structure through MCADE’s embedded token utility.

Blockchain technology is a driving force behind the GameFi revolution, and Metacade’s advanced earning mechanics are a testament to the high long-term potential of the movement. It’s certainly no surprise that Metacade has sold out during every prior round of the crypto presale, so make sure to get involved before the price rises again.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.

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