Meme for Good: Here’s Why the World Needs $LeMeMe

Meme for Good: Here’s Why the World Needs $LeMeMe

What comes to mind when you think of cryptocurrencies? Odds are, cute pet-inspired meme coins are the first thing to pop in your head.

This year, the MeMe coins DOGE and SHIBA are soaring to unbelievable heights; who can blame you. You’ve probably heard of someone who aped into one of these meme coins and is living the good life, sipping exotic concoctions on some sunny island beach somewhere in Europe. 

While it’s always heartwarming to see the little guy make it big and flip it to the corporate world, we may be celebrating too soon. Let’s see why.

Current Memecoins are Missing the Bigger Picture

Take DOGE as an example. We’re talking about a practical joke that some guy threw up over a weekend using his laptop, and now it’s one of the most significant crypto tokens out there. If that’s not inspiring, then what it is, right? 

The thing is, if we look past those mouth-watering numbers, there’s little to celebrate here. Despite billions of dollars changing hands, the net impact on society is little more than the tsunami of meme posts that came with it. 

People made big money. Some went bust, and some got hearty laughs out of it. That just about sums up the whole story.  

But is that the best we can do with this incredible technology? Blockchain is bringing unmatched transparency and impartialness to the world of commerce. Couldn’t we harness this power to make a meaningful impact on our society? 

The Will of the People Can Move Mountains

Let’s put memes and meme coins aside for a moment, and let’s talk about group efforts. 

The internet has turned our vast planet into a tight-knit village. Today people on one side of the world can talk to someone on the opposite side without effort. It’s simple as a few taps on our smartphones. 

Combine that supercharged connectivity with the power of the people, and it becomes clear just how powerful crowdfunding is. While humans may not be as impressive as physically superior creatures, we’ve got one thing going for us: when we come together and commit to solving a problem, we can carve through mountains. 

The countless success stories of crowdfunding prove this through centralized platforms. For example, Kickstarter alone has helped people raise almost 6 billion dollars to date. The overall crowdfunding market will cross $90 billion by 2025. And that’s despite all the limitations of centralized, fiat-powered crowdfunding platforms. 

Using Blockchain to Unify the Power of Memes, Memecoins, and Crowdfunding

Memes can turn obscure content creators into worldwide sensations, meme coins can turn struggling college kids into next-gen investors, and crowdfunding can turn marginalized communities into prosperous societies. 

Can you imagine what would happen if we combined the power of all those things and wrapped it into a blockchain-powered ecosystem?

You don’t have to imagine anymore because that’s what the LeMeMe ecosystem is all about. 

After countless hours of working and pulling many all-nighters, our team has finally figured out a formula to combine all those aspects of the digital world to make a meaningful impact on the real world. 

To grasp the true potential of this blockchain innovation, you have to understand the two primary facets of LeMeMe: 

1. Legends Voting System (LVS)

LVS is our decentralized answer to the traditional crowdfunding platforms. 

Despite the barrage of bad news that media channels throw at us every day, the world is full of kind souls who want to help others. They’re willing to help strangers in fulfillment of their needs, the pursuit of their dreams, and the advocacy of their causes. 

LVS is our ambitious effort to connect all the good people in the world and band them together in the fight against poverty, hunger, marginalization, and other societal injustices. 

This innovative platform will provide an effortless experience to both parties: the people who want to crowdfund their projects and those who wish to contribute to those projects. 

Blockchain is the perfect medium for this because it automatically weeds out biases and offers a fair chance to every participant. We get no say in who gets approved or who gets funded. You, the people, get to decide by putting your votes into action. 

2. Legends Token ($LeMeMe)

The $LeMeMe token is the lifeblood of the LVS platform. If we compare LVS to an election, then $LeMeMe is the ballot you get to cast as an irrefutable voucher of your support. 

Represented by Cweety, our freshly-minted and ever-adorable NFT bird mascot, $LeMeMe, brings a healthy dose of fun and strong crypto fundamentals to the table. 

It’s designed from the ground up to appeal to the modern consumer. You know, the generation loves to communicate with belly-blasting memes and surprisingly insightful one-liners. 

The traditional economy has made money an icky subject to discuss. $LeMeMe is an effort to strip that baggage and present a new currency that people can speak about effortlessly. 

If you think of a fun meme coin with solid fundamentals and genuine utility, you’re thinking of $LeMeMe.

Make a Meaningful Impact on Society with LeMeMe

LeMeMe is a multilayered brand. On the outside, we’ve got fun and approachable assets to make this project appealing to the masses. But underneath those layers of lighthearted aspects lies a powerful engine. 

For instance, did you know that LeMeMe supports swapping between seven different mainnets? So if the transaction fees, aka “gas,” skyrockets on one network, LeMeMe will continue working smoothly by switching operations to other networks. 

We’ve also got substantial NFT projects that will revolutionize how crowdfunding works by uniting all the stakeholders towards a single purpose. 

So when you combine the wildfire virality of memes and meme coins, the strong fundamentals of blockchain, and the limitless generosity of the people, you get a glimpse of what the future holds for this platform. 

Just imagine what we can achieve with a tenth of the market cap of DOGE and SHIBA? Think of all the needs we’ll fulfill, the dreams we’ll help realize, and the causes where we make a difference. 

The potential for good with this social-forward blockchain platform is limitless, and it all starts with you, our Legendarians!

To learn more about LeMeMe and participate in our live pre-sale, be sure to check the links below: 

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